Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's girlfriend, stands in front of flowers at a press event.

Meghan Markle Warned To Not Marry Prince Harry By Camilla Parker Bowles Is Fake News Story [Debunked]

Meghan Markle has allegedly received a dire warning: don’t marry Prince Harry. This warning has come from a very unlikely source, her boyfriend’s step-mother Camilla Parker-Bowles. These are all claims that recently appeared in an article by Celeb Dirty Laundry. According to the article, Prince Charles’ wife, doesn’t approve of the relationship between Harry and Meghan.

Celeb Dirty Laundry goes on to say that Camilla doesn’t think that Meghan is good enough for Harry. They also say that the Duchess of Cornwall threatened to make Markle’s life a living hell if she married the Prince and told the Suits actress that she isn’t welcome in the royal family. They also claim that sources have said that Camilla asked Prince Charles to use his clout to end the romance. Her fear is reportedly that Markle is using her young royal boyfriend to increase her star power.

If all of this sounds ridiculous to you, Gossip Cop agrees. The site, which has become well known for debunking celebrity rumors, insists that this story is false.

Their insider source told them that Camilla Parker Bowles did not warn Meghan Markle not to marry Prince Harry and any stories stating otherwise are simply untrue.

Also, it makes more sense to imagine Camilla being supportive of Meghan and Harry’s relationship. It wasn’t that long ago that she was the outsider in love with a high-ranking member of the British royal family.

In her case, the object of her affection was Prince Charles and he was married to Harry’s mother. But although there are some stark differences in their stories, there are enough similarities to think that Camilla may have some empathy for Markle as she navigates her way through the wild world of being in a relationship with a royal.

Furthermore, Camilla wasn’t born into the royal family, so she really has no right to bar entry to someone else marrying into it.

There’s also no concrete evidence that Meghan and Harry intend to get married anytime soon or ever. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the story that Markle has been trying on wedding dresses has been debunked. Gossip Cop has also debunked stories that the couple is house hunting in Toronto and that Meghan is having cold feet before the wedding.


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