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‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Hope Gives Abigail A Dire Warning About Her New Husband, Causing Her To Second Guess Herself

DOOL fans watched as Abigail exchanged vows with Dario. Though the are pretending to be happy newlyweds that are in love, the real story is that Abigail married Dario so that he can get a green card and avoid deportation. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, and Abigail may be in over her head.

The following will contain spoilers for DOOL. If you want to be surprised as it airs, stop reading now.

Dario is known for skating the limits of the law. His brother, Rafe, feels the need to have a heart-to-heart with him now that he is a married man. Rafe reminds Dario that his actions affect not only himself anymore, but also his new wife. The newlywed should consider the danger he may be putting his bride in with the bad choices he has been known to make.

Hope has been keeping track of Dario for some time now on DOOL. Her instincts tell her to watch out for his criminal activity and she is following through. As a result, she knows that Abigail may be facing some danger due to Dario’s business dealings. He and his father would do what it took to get their shady transactions done.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Hope will decide to let Abigail know that she needs to be aware. While she doesn’t give all the details, Hope’s warning leaves Abigail shaken. She begins to realize her new husband may be keeping secrets and she needs to do a little digging. As she begins to learn more, she finds more to be nervous about.

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The only break it seems that Abigail and her family get in the upcoming week on DOOL is for JJ. As Sonny comes forward to confess to murdering Deimos, it seems Commissioner Raines isn’t taking him seriously. The evidence still points to JJ and Raines refuses to budge. Then it all changes.

A waiter from the party comes forward to substantiate Sonny’s sketchy memories of the night in question. He saw Sonny with Deimos, leaving the Salem PD no other choice but to free JJ and charge Sonny.

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Do you believe Abigail is in danger because of Dario’s shady business schemes? Will DOOL fans soon see yet another suspect behind bars for the death of Deimos? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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