Kurt Angle Will Wrestle For WWE Eventually

WWE News: Kurt Angle’s In-Ring Return For ‘WWE Summerslam’ In Serious Doubt

The WWE Universe continues to speculate about an in-ring return for Kurt Angle on WWE programming in the near future. There have been rumors about WWE officials planning a huge feud between Angle and The Game for WWE Summerslam in August. The “text message” storyline has been ongoing for weeks, but there isn’t any indication on television yet that it will lead to a match during WWE’s biggest party of the summer.

The General Manager of Raw has revealed that WWE officials are monitoring him for an in-ring return, but the process is slow. Rumors about the process being sped up to get Kurt Angle a match on the card for WWE Summerslam have been circling him for weeks. However, the latest backstage update is not offering the fans any good news about The Olympic Hero’s in-ring return. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any news at all.

It’s being reported that Kurt Angle hasn’t taken a physical yet with WWE doctors and isn’t expecting to take one anytime soon. The expectation was his current storyline would culminate with him wrestling one match, but it possible that WWE officials aren’t planning for his in-ring return to happen as a result of his storyline right now. Although there is a chance it may never happen, his in-ring return is said to be a matter of time.

Kurt Angle vs Triple H is Still Happening At Some Point In the Near Future
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WWE officials may want to give Kurt Angle some more time and bring him back to the ring on the grandest stage of the mall instead of WWE Summerslam. If WWE officials are planning for Kurt Angle to return for a match in August, they must be extremely confident that he will pass his physical whenever they ask Kurt to take it. However, the fans shouldn’t get too excited about his in-ring return until there is more information.

Kurt Angle Expected to Have Several More Matches in WWE
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Aside from Triple H, there have been several rumored opponents for Angle over the past few months. Angle could have matches with Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and many others. There would be a full list of matches the WWE Universe would like to see from the WWE Hall of Famer, but he needs to be medically cleared by the company’s doctors before any of them can become a reality.

Unfortunately, the WWE Universe needs to be patient while Kurt Angle continues to get reacquainted with the WWE product again. News and rumors about his in-ring return have been circling him ever since he was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame. If he’s medically cleared to compete or any big plans change, there is no doubt that the fans will know ahead of time. For now, the WWE Universe just needs to wait patiently.

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