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Mel B Lost £38M Fortune, Former Spice Girls Member Resorts To Asking Friends For Money To Buy A Home

Mel B of Spice Girls fame wants to move on and rebuild her life without husband Stephen Belafonte. However, she is so broke that she does not have the means to do as she wished. In fact, it was reported that she is now begging her friends for money so she can buy a new home.

The former Spice Girls member was said to be eyeing a $1.5 million property in the U.S. but she is short on cash. A source, who knows Mel B well, revealed that the singer has turned to her pals for help because she is about to lose money on a house deal.

According to Mirror, the 42-year-old star is afraid that her six-digit home deposit will go to waste if she will not come up with some cash soon.

“It is well-known Mel’s finances are not great, but if the house deal falls through she’ll be in an even worse situation,” the source said. “She just can’t afford to lose any more cash. So she’s turned to pals in her hour of need and they’re trying their best to help.”

In addition to appealing for financial help, Mel B has also requested Simon Cowell to give her a long-term job as a panelist on America’s Got Talent since she is on contract for just one more year. Her future earnings in this show will surely help her cope with financial crisis.

Mel B
Mel B split from her husband Stephen Belafonte after 10 years of marriage. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Most probably, in an effort to gather more funds, the singer is also selling her £7.2 million extravagant home that she shared with Belafonte. However, barely a few weeks after it was put on sale, its price was drastically slashed to just £800,000.

At any rate, it was previously reported that Mel just have £961 in one of her company’s bank accounts. Based on the stories, the star squandered away her £38 million fortune (approximately US$50 million), wiping out all of her Spice Girls’ earnings.

Her irresponsible lifestyle and careless spending resulted to her almost zero bank accounts. Mel’s financial troubles came to light as her divorce court battle with ex-husband Belafonte progresses.

Spice Girls
Mel B with Spice Girls Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Melanie Chisholm. Mel was rumored to be planning a comeback with her team. [Image by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images]

The trial exposed the fact that Mel B and Belafonte uncontrollably splashed on luxuries like building waterfalls, buying private jets, an island, armored car, designer bags, diamond jewelry, and having many butlers.

Mel B filed for divorce and accused Stephen Belafonte of subjecting her to years of mental and physical abuse. Due to her complaints, she was granted a restraining order after they separated. The ex-couple are also facing each other in court to settle conflicts on how they will divide their wealth, child custody and spousal support.

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