Gender Reveal Shooting: 3 Kids Shot, 1 Woman Dead, Witnesses Say Men Burst In And Just Started Firing

Gender Reveal Shooting: 3 Kids Shot, 1 Woman Dead, Witnesses Say Men Burst In And Just Started Firing

Nine people were injured during an Ohio gender reveal shooting, People reported. Three of the injuries were to children and one woman ended up dead. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any motivation for the crime. One witness told a 911 operator that two men came in, starting shooting, and then left.

The incident happened on Saturday night in Cincinnati. Police were called to a residence in the 9900 block of Capstan Drive, near Northgate Mall. Around 11:20 p.m., law enforcement walked into the home and found a woman dead on the floor.

All three of the children that were shot were transported to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. However, all have non-life threatening injuries. One of the nine shooting victims, a woman, was listed in serious condition, according to University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The rest of the adults that were injured are considered to be in stable condition.

WCPO reported that one woman was sitting in her car when the shooting happened. She told a 911 dispatcher that two men went inside the home, but they didn’t see her. They just started shooting at people, including young children. Then, they ran off into the night.

Another witness told police that the two male shooters were wearing hooded sweatshirts. After shooting, they fled the scene. A third witness recalls seeing two people walk by. He looked outside and the next thing he knew, there was gunfire.

The guests at the gender reveal party were all friends and family of the expectant mother. A pregnant woman at the party lost her baby after being shot in the leg. It is not known if that individual was the who the party was for or if she was a guest. Right now, police are not releasing the names of the victims.

WLWT reported that Jim Love of the Colerain police has no idea what motivated the men to start shooting at a gender reveal party. When the shooting began, everyone was sitting down watching a movie. However, police do have a few leads that they are investigating. It is not known if the children were intended targets.

“You’re hoping that there won’t be situations like this. These are the nights that you look back on and you regret that they ever happened. This will be one of those nights.”

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