BB19 HoH Paul wins PoV

‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Live Feeds Update – Production Outs Ramses – Paul Continues Power Reign

Big Brother 19 spoilers continue to support the theory that Paul Abrahamian has the deck stacked in his favor in the BB19 house. Let’s take a look at how TPTB (the powers that be) might be helping the BB18 second placer win this season. Overnight, the BB19 live feeds showed Jessica finally realizing she’s about to be playing alone, but she’s still not playing wisely.

Paul has all the power

The big alliance wanted Ramses to throw the veto comp since that was the only risk to the plan to backdoor Cody. To be fair, it’s not much of a backdoor since every person in the Big Brother 19 house, including Cody, knows it’s coming. Jessica also knows but she’s not making things easy for herself even though she’ll be all alone in BB19 soon.

Ramses promised he wouldn’t save himself if he won the veto but was under enormous pressure to throw the comp. He didn’t throw it and almost won against Paul, according to the latest updates from Big Brother Network. It was an individual mental comp that took almost six hours to complete and resulted in a narrow victory for Paul. That means he’s HoH with Veto power.

Cody headed to the block

Cody knows that Paul will put him on the block at the Veto Ceremony and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. However, what is surprising is that Paul has flipped up his plans to leave Josh on the block with Cody. Paul promised Josh and Alex both that he’d use the Power of Veto to pull them down, but he can’t do both. The problem is Josh is disliked by so many houseguests.

If Paul left Josh on the block, there’s a chance the house might sway and send Josh out leaving Cody in the house and eligible to play for the next HoH. Paul will leave Alex up against Cody since most like her to secure Cody’s eviction. Of course, Paul has no idea there’s a Battle Back that seems to be brewing thanks to Megan’s self-eviction. That could bring Cody back in two weeks.

Jessica unwisely taunts Paul

Updates from Big Brother Network‘s live feed breakdown show that Jessica and Paul talked, but she did herself no favors. Paul gave Jessica solid advice to stop isolating herself from the rest of the house since Cody will soon be gone. He tells her to stop playing with her emotions and remember it’s a game and a competition. Jessica lashed out at Paul instead of taking in his words.

Jessica told Paul she thinks Big Brother has stacked the game odds in his favor and she doesn’t know why the other houseguests aren’t targeting him. Jessica said, “You have three weeks of safety and everyone follows you around like you’re god.”

“You have three weeks of safety and everyone follows you around like you’re god.”

After this encounter, Paul has decided Ramses and Jessica need to be on the block, and one of them needs to go since both have crossed him. If one of his allies wins Head of Household, no doubt Paul will push this agenda.

Production outs Ramses – is that fair?

Ramses needs to watch out because his neck is on the line and Big Brother 19 production painted an even bigger target on his back. Ramses was already dealing with pushback over the veto comp since Paul and his allies are certain he tried to win even though he insists he meant to throw it. But now, production has outed a lie Ramses told as game strategy.

Ramses said he saw a plane with a banner that said Dominique and Mark are working together. It didn’t happen but, usually, production will let lies stand. In this case, BB19 intervened and let the houseguests know it didn’t happen. Mark and Dom aren’t happy with the lie, and other HGs now view Ramses as someone who could lie about them next. Whoops!

Christmas keeps temptation, Jason loses out

Since Cody’s name was not drawn for the veto competition, that means Christmas can still use her temptation for the next veto draw if they need to block someone from playing and she remains tight with Paul. Christmas will have foot surgery on Monday but plans to return to the house after the procedure and ensured everyone that Big Brother keeps her from learning any new info outside the house.

Jason lost out when he tried to escape Have Not purgatory by taking the temptation. Unfortunately, his key unlocked two more weeks of Have Not torment. Dom hosted Kevin on her talk show on Saturday and drew a crowd. Cody should be on the block and evicted leaving eyes on Ramses and Jessica. Even Ramses’ former allies are convinced he flipped and voted to evict Jillian although he didn’t.

Big Brother 19 episodes this week

Tune into CBS tonight at 8 pm to see Paul crowned Head of Household. He gets a letter that many live feed viewers believe was loaded with encrypted info from his family. Then on Wednesday’s BB19 episode, we’ll see the Power of Veto comp. Thursday is the next live eviction when Cody should be sent packing.

Check back for more Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds and other updates.

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