Malia Obama's birthday was celebrated by many Twitter fans.

Malia Obama Day? Twitter Fans Draw Conservative Ire For Celebrating Malia’s Birthday Instead Of Fourth Of July

Have you ever heard of Malia Obama Day?

While you can be sure nothing of the sort exists yet on the national calendar, Twitter fans of the former first daughter made it a point this Fourth of July to celebrate Malia Obama’s birthday instead, as reported by AOL News. The reasons for doing so, some of them argued, was that Independence Day could not be celebrated under the aegis of what they essentially see as an oppressive regime with a demagogue (aka President Donald Trump) at its head.

The trend started when Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to wish his followers a “Happy Malia Obama Day” with the U.S. flag by its side. It immediately caught on and won Chance more than a hundred thousand retweets within hours, easily becoming one of the most trending topics on the day. As of now, the tweet has also generated close to 300,000 likes, with a phenomenal number coming from admirers of the former administration who found this tongue-in-cheek manner of rebuking the Trump administration particularly pleasing in its approach.

Over the last few years, many Americans have taken to not celebrating certain public holidays because of their alleged oppressive origins. The refusal of several people to acknowledge Columbus Day, for example, because it is directly connected with the invasion of America’s native population by Europeans, is a case in point. Apart from the disillusionment of certain Americans with the Trump administration, African-Americans who tweeted the world a “Happy Malia Obama Day” also pointed out that they could not celebrate Fourth of July when the welfare of minorities in present day America did not feature prominently on the White House’s agenda.

But, of course, such perceived humor did not go down well with certain Twitter users, who argued that people who were choosing to celebrate “Malia Obama Day” instead of the Fourth of July were disrespecting the country. As Mail Online reported, a great number of critics came with a conservative leaning and were fans of President Trump, and did not take to the toasting of Malia’s birthday over that of the country with candor.

“All of you need help for disrespecting the country and the people who fight to preserve the independence we have,” wrote one Twitter user.

What is your take on the whole “Malia Obama Day” saga?

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