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Amber Rose Defends Chyna Amid ‘KUWTK’ Feud: Allegedly Blames Rob For Custody Battle, Restraining Order?

Amber Rose is fully supporting Blac Chyna in the midst of her feud with Rob Kardashian, who has branded her to be a cheating gold digger.

As previously revealed, Rob was outraged to find out that Chyna was hooking up with other men, prompting him to publicize explicit photos of the former stripper she had sent to him prior to learning about the other men she was allegedly sleeping with.

Amber Rose was outraged by the fact that Kardashian would slut shame the mother of his child on social media, stressing that she was backing her best friend 100 percent.

Hollywood Life adds by saying that Amber Rose was disgusted by Rob’s move to distribute nude photos of Blac because things weren’t moving how he wanted things to go.

From the allegations he made against her to sharing private photos online, Amber Rose allegedly feels that the USC graduate’s tactics were insensitive and can certainly be deemed as a form of cyber bullying.

Regardless of what Chyna has done to Rob Kardashian, Amber Rose has reportedly made it known that it’s never cool for a man to try and humiliate another woman by leaking their private photos for the world to see.

If the roles were switched and Chyna had done the same to Rob, Amber Rose feels that there would have been quite the outrage but since the mother of two is a woman, it’s being brushed under the cover.

Amber Rose thinks that Chyna’s decision to not only seek a restraining order but also file a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend is the wisest decision she could’ve made in this particular situation.

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Rob has completely violated her privacy, Amber Rose has allegedly told friends, according to the outlet, and Blac’s decision to file a lawsuit against the reality star should be a lesson to the Kardashians that won’t get away with shenanigans as such.

Amber Rose doesn’t have a personal issue with the famous family, she just feels the way that Rob handled his feud with her best friend was totally uncalled for and disappointing, considering that she’s the mother of his child.

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Amber Rose has yet to publicly address her feelings regarding the matter.

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