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‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Jessica Graf Claims Game Stacked In Favor Of Paul Abrahamian, Veto Plan Revealed

Some Big Brother 19 rumors from early Sunday morning (July 9) have made the live feeds quite interesting. Jessica Graf weighed in with her own thoughts, which coincides with what many fans of the show have already posted on social media. She says that the game is stacked in favor of Paul Abrahamian and that he has it easy in the BB19 house.

“You have three weeks of safety, and everyone follows you around like you’re God. That’s not easy?”

A full transcript of Jessica’s conversation with Paul can be found on fan site Joker’s Updates, but it might just be a lot of fuel for conspiracy theorists who feel that producers have set it up so that Paul will win the summer 2017 season.

Even before the season got started, there were Big Brother 19 rumors on Twitter, where people were posting about producers favoring Paul Abrahamian and Frankie Grande. Frankie never even got in the BB19 house, but Paul appeared as part of a temptation twist when Kevin Schlehuber accepted a bribe. Jessica was referring to the Pendant of Protection that granted Paul immunity for the first three weeks, but she wasn’t done giving the Big Brother 18 runner-up a piece of her mind.

“I think you have a house of groupies, and you should feel great about that. I see it from my perspective, and from my perspective, they literally eat up everything you say. Not saying it’s a bad thing, I mean that’s great for you.[sic]”

Jessica Graf is certainly in desperation mode as she tries to figure out a way to save her own game. Paul Abrahamian won the Head of Household this week and with it the power to name two nominees. There are more Big Brother 19 spoilers than that, though, and they are coming up in this article. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paul also won the Power of Veto, allowing him to do anything he wants at the Veto Ceremony on Monday (July 10). Jessica knows this and also realizes Cody Nickson is about to get evicted.

Additional Big Brother 19 rumors from late Saturday evening (July 8) revolve around the plan Paul has for the Veto Ceremony. Paul has the Power of Veto and is going to save Josh Martinez with it. Cody Nickson will be the replacement nominee, taking his seat next to Alex Ow and Ramses Soto on the block. Paul let Alex know what was happening, which contradicts the promise he made to save her when he took over as HOH. This seems like a move that could come back to hurt Paul if Alex ever gets the power in her hands.

To summarize everything that has happened in favor of Paul Abrahamian this summer, first he was given the Pendant of Protection by America, then he won the Week 2 Head of Household, and now he was won the Week 2 Power of Veto. It’s a lot of good fortune in his favor to this point, giving a lot of ammunition to what Jessica Graf was saying. A lot of people watching it all take place on the live feeds have taken to Twitter to show not just their support for what she is saying, but a general dislike for Paul this season.

Paul still has one more week of safety before the entire BB19 house could start gunning for him. At that point, though, Paul will also be able to play for the HOH again, raising the possibility that he could secure safety in Week 4 as well. Alternatively, if Jessica Graf can survive Week 3 and find a way to win the HOH for Week 4, it appears that she has an eviction target already in mind. Now it’s time for the fans to weigh in. Are the Big Brother 19 rumors true and is the game stacked in favor of Paul Abrahamian?

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