AJ Styles Won the US Title at Madison Sqaure Garden

Possible Reason Why AJ Styles Won US Title From Kevin Owens This Weekend Revealed

The WWE Universe was shocked to learn that AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens to become the US Champion during a WWE live event at Madison Square Garden. The title change came only three days after Styles won a Battle Royal on SmackDown Live to become the No.1 Contender for the title. The WWE Universe expected their match to happen at WWE Battleground and few were positive Styles would win the title from Owens.

On paper, their match at the upcoming PPV could just be Owens’ rematch for the US Title. However, there has been some speculation going around since Friday night that WWE officials decided to book the title change for a specific reason. Nothing is confirmed, but there is a rumor circulating within the WWE Universe that Styles was given the United States Championship because Kevin Owens has suffered some kind of an injury.

There is no match being advertised for WWE Battleground between Owens and Styles. WWE officials could be waiting until this week’s edition of SmackDown Live to address their next match. However, AJ Styles had his first title defense last night during a WWE live event in Texas against Baron Corbin. Kevin Owens wasn’t a part of the show at all, which is leading to speculation that Owens has suffered a huge injury of some kind.

Kevin Owens May Be Suffering From a Nagging Injury
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Shortly after WWE Money in the Bank, there was a rumor that Kevin Owens had suffered a leg injury, but it was proven wrong very quickly. However, the WWE Universe continues to speculate about his injury status after losing the US Title at a WWE live event. The show took place at Madison Square Garden, so it isn’t out of the question that WWE officials would book an unexpected title change during that show for that crowd.

AJ Styles is Expected to Hold Onto the US Title For Quite Some Time
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AJ Styles winning the United States Championship was a shock because the WWE Universe assumed that Kevin Owens would be holding onto the title into WWE Summerslam and possibly even longer. There is a lot of speculation regarding the title change happening at a WWE live event. It’s very likely WWE officials were trying to shock the WWE Universe, but Owens suffering an injury is a huge blow to SmackDown Live.

If Kevin Owens did suffer some kind of injury that will force him to miss some time, there should be a lot of information revealed over the next few days. If not, this week’s edition of SmackDown Live will show us the creative plans for the US Title heading into WWE Battleground. For now, the WWE Universe should enjoy the spontaneity of the moment and plan for a massive rematch between Kevin Owens and AJ Styles.

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