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‘7 Little Johnsons’ Preview Shares Huge Spoilers: Bullying, Potential Boyfriends, And More!

It has already been revealed that 7 Little Johnstons is coming back to TLC this fall and now the fans are excited that a new preview is showing a few spoilers for the next season. This will be Season 3 with the Johnston family. A lot of stuff is going to be changing for the family of 7 Little Johnstons. TLC went to their YouTube channel to reveal a sneak peek full of spoilers.

First off, they will be trying really hard to eat healthier when the show returns. This could be hard on Alex seeing that everyone knows how much he loves food. Another thing that will be happening is one of the girls has a boy very interested in here. The viewers have seen in the past that Trent isn’t thrilled with the idea of the girls dating, so he will have to start getting used to this idea as they get older. James is spending a lot of time with Elizabeth, but she isn’t allowed to date just yet. They are also seen unpacking and it looks like the parents found a few clothes that are a blast from the past. The house really does seem to be coming along for them.

One other thing that the viewers are going to see this season is that when the Johnstons go out for a day of fun, someone will use the “M” word to them, which of course is upsetting. This is going to upset the family, but it will also be a great way for the show to teach about how this is inappropriate. Trent had them keep the camera rolling and he said something to the kids.

Trent also has a huge announcement for the entire family. He will explain that the kids will always be his priority, but whatever he is explaining is going to have the family in tears. Alex is also going to be getting braces and he isn’t happy about it being his turn. Emma and Trent also head out to what looks like a father/daughter dance.

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Are you excited for a new season of 7 Little Johnstons? Are you excited to see one of the girls with a guy interested in her and maybe getting a boyfriend? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss 7 Little Johnstons when it returns to TLC sometime this fall.

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