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Nick Viall Is Taking Acting Classes, Could He Be Looking For Fame?

Nick Viall has been on reality television several times and has been accused of being in it for fame more than once. Now, it turns out that Nick is taking acting classes, which has everyone wondering what is going on. ET shared the details about the new acting classes that Nick just started taking.

A source told ET that Nick is taking these classes in L.A., where he is living with his fiance Vanessa Grimaldi. Nick allegedly took classes at the same place last year before starting The Bachelor. This is a 4-6 week intensive acting course, with a class once a week to learn the basics of acting before moving into comedy training. Last Friday was Nick’s first class, and he even got up in front of the class to do a solo act. This is a small class with just 10 people in it.

Now everyone is wondering if this means that Nick Viall wants to move on and start acting. He recently started a men’s grooming company, and Nick just did Dancing With the Stars. Chris Soules spoke out before saying that Viall “loves being famous.” Chris even said that he loves Nick, but he also knows that Nick loves the spotlight. His fiance Vanessa Grimaldi is a teacher, but Nick has never really decided what he wants to do and maybe now he thinks acting is the next job for him or at least that the acting classes will help him get hosting jobs like other alumni of the show have been seen doing.

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Nick Viall has made it pretty clear that he isn’t afraid of the camera. Now fans are just going to have to wait and see if he ends up with an acting job or continues to take classes. So far, Nick isn’t speaking out about what is going on at all. Nick did say before that he isn’t looking to be famous. He told ET, “It’s funny, because the opportunities I’ve been given in The Bachelor world, quite honestly, other than Andi’s season [of The Bachelorette], those were opportunities that were presented to me, and I certainly was open to them. It was the right decision.”

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Are you shocked to hear that Nick Viall is taking acting classes? Do you feel like it is because Nick wants fame and is hoping to get a job on television? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay on Monday nights on ABC.

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