Paul Abrahamian, BB19

‘BB19’ Spoilers: Ramses ‘Forced’ Into Throwing POV Competition, Paul Questions Kevin’s Loyalty

BB19 spoilers have been action-packed for the past few days. Paul Abrahamian is the new head of household, and he nominated Alex Ow and Josh Martinez for eviction. Ramses Soto was cursed last week when Paul accepted the Den Of Protection and had to put himself on the block as a third nominee in the next three weeks. BB19 spoilers suggest that he decided that since Cody Nickson was the target of the week, it was a safe time to use his curse. Paul disclosed his target right after winning the competition on Thursday night. He hoped to backdoor Cody by putting two pawns on the block. Will his brilliant plan work?

Paul ‘Forces’ Ramses To Throw The POV Competition

BB19 spoilers reveal that Ramses seemed hesitant to throw the competition to Alex, which would cause the backdoor plan to fail. Paul worried that Ramses would panic and decide to keep himself safe instead of sticking to the plan to backdoor Cody. Ramses revealed that he would stick to the plan and would throw the competition, even if there was a small risk he could be evicted this week.

The BB19 houseguests assured Ramses that he was safe, but they needed him not to win the competition so they could get Cody out of the house. It seems like Ramses finally agreed to let one of the other players win the challenge to remove a huge threat in the BB19 game.

So far the plan seems to be to let Alex win the competition, and she will take herself off the block. BB19 spoilers reveal that Paul will then name Cody as the replacement nominee.

Paul Questions If Kevin Is Trustworthy

According to Online Big Brother, Paul pieced together that Kevin Schlehuber may not be as loyal as he once believed. He picked up that Kevin may have quite a bit of money. Paul questioned whether Kevin would flip if given a chance, or if he would stick with him.

BB19 spoilers indicate that Paul may be right to question his motives, as Kevin doesn’t appear to be his ride-or-die, like Big Brother 18’s Victor Arroyo.

BB19 fans, do you think Ramses will throw the power of veto competition? Do you think Kevin is trustworthy?

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