Even Southern Charm cast members try to explain Landon

‘Southern Charm’ Fans Don’t Seem To Like Landon, Now Shep And Craig Try To Explain Before The Reunion

Even though the Southern Charm reunion is a big topic of conversation for fans of the Bravo show set in Charleston, for Southern Charm Season 4 talk of Landon’s lack of popularity is trending. Now it’s not just fans on social media addressing Landon’s inability to click with viewers, but Southern Charm stars Shep Rose and Craig Conover have also now both stepped up to talk about the Landon issue.

From the start, Southern Charm‘s favorite redhead Kathryn Dennis took an instant dislike to Landon Clements, so it’s safe to say that Kathryn is taking at least a bit of secret pleasure in fans going off on Landon on a regular basis with dolphin and Cabbage Patch Doll memes, but the end of the season shocker was the way Thomas Ravenel turned on Landon.

But Landon’s travel blog ROAM, now called Trovare was the thing that pushed a lot of viewers of Southern Charm over the edge. On the show, Landon was able to get extra help and opportunities that most people launching a business don’t get and yet she seemed unwilling to do the hard work necessary to get the job done. Southern Charm fans checked into the web address regularly over the span of two years and Landon seemed to make little progress, yet her storyline on Southern Charm had her complaining that in her late 30s she was still being supported by her parents.

But now Shep Rose, Southern Charm’s resident lothario, has his own thoughts on why fans don’t like Landon. At one point Landon professed her love for Shep and he let her down easy, but this season on Southern Charm, the two had a serious parting of the ways after he called her out for treating his friends badly. Reportedly Landon told Shep’s friends and business associates from Yotme (Yotme is an app that Shep has invested in) that she doesn’t have to pay for things and that she hangs with billionaires, not millionaires. Shep explained that she sounded like a snob and it turned his friends off.

In terms of how Southern Charm fans view Landon, Shep explains she only has herself to blame.

“She shoots herself in the foot like I’ve never seen, but we have people on this show who I think all shoot ourselves in the feet. If I introduce something, I have to be cognizant of the fact that a million and a half -or however how many people are watching- and it better be defensible. I better have a good reason to say something nasty or do something. I’d say that about my life too, but you’ve got to be a little extra careful [on a TV show]. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t have that governor inside her that’s like ‘How is this going to do you any good?’ by saying this thing.”

Now even Southern Charm star Craig Conover has a suggestion for Landon. Craig knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a lot of fan criticism, but he now thinks Landon is a bit unhinged.

“I’m like, ‘Landon what are you doing babe, just be a little nicer or more understanding.’ It’s a tough one, but it’s starting to get more bizarre. I think she’s a little delusional.”


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Recently Bravo posted a human interest piece on Landon on the Southern Charm blog about her cute dog Charlotte, and even that turned people off, with some posting their opinions on Twitter.

“So Bravo posted this on their Facebook page and the users weren’t having it. The hate for Landon is too real.”

The blog included a clip with Landon telling a story about Charlotte.

“Too bad I can’t listen to her voice long enough to find out what happened.”

On and off of Southern Charm, Landon’s voice has been likened to a dolphin, and fans often use a dolphin emoji when talking about her.

“I feel so bad for the dog. I hate to even say this, but I hope the dog is deaf.”

And those are some of the kinder comments.

Do you think Landon will come back for another season of Southern Charm if the show comes back to Bravo?

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