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Donal Logue’s Daughter, Jade, Found, Returned Home

Donal Logue of Gotham has been speaking out and begging for help finding his daughter, Jade, over the last few weeks. Jade Logue, 16, was missing and Donal was certain she did not run away. Hollywood Life is now revealing that Jade is back home again. She was found today and returned back home again.

Donal’s rep released a statement saying that Jade is back home with her family again. His rep said that Donal is grateful for the help and thanked the NYPD, FBI, and Team Adam NCMEC. At this time, the details about her return are scarce. Fans want to know what was going on with Jade and if she was kidnapped, a runaway, or what really happened.

Jade disappeared one week after she turned 16 in June. Donal posted all over his social networks asking for the fans to help find her. Donal has been begging for her return and asking that the “predators” bring her back. He never really explained who he thought had her, or what was going on exactly. Regardless, everyone has been praying for her and hoping that Jade would be found safely.

Fans are really curious about where Jade was at, or if they should be concerned for her, but at least they know now that she is home safe and sound. Hollywood Life shared a few more details about her disappearance that happened on June 26. Donal gushed over his beloved daughter and the members of the trans community, which she is a part of.

“But there are some predators who swim among their ranks knowing they’re dealing with sweet, trusting souls,” he said. The missing person report was originally filed under her birth name Arlo Logue. He explained that they just wanted her dropped off back home and safe and wouldn’t even ask any questions. Luckily, she is back home and safe again with her family.


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