Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Get Romantic In Throwback Photo

Jinger Duggar Shares Instagram Photo Of Risky Wardrobe Moment After Jeremy Vuolo Praises Her Modesty

Jinger Duggar just shared a photo that proves that it’s not always easy to maintain your modesty while wearing a dress.

The Duggar family’s “modern modest” dress code forbids any unmarried Duggar daughters from wearing pants, so fans of the Counting On stars are always astonished when they see Jinger breaking the rules by rocking one of her favorite new wardrobe items: a pair of tapered trousers. However, Jinger Duggar hasn’t completely ditched dresses and skirts, and she’s wearing a dress that meets her family’s modesty standards in a recent Instagram photo. It’s a romantic image of her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, carrying her up a flight of stairs in his arms. The husband and wife are both laughing in the sweet snapshot.

Jinger is wearing the dark blue, below-the-knee dress that her younger sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, chose for her bridesmaids, and Jeremy Vuolo is wearing a dark blue suit. His jacket is off and hanging over Jinger’s arm. The fourth-oldest Duggar daughter has her shoes off, so perhaps Jeremy offered to carry her up the stairs because her feet were sore. The image appears to have been taken at Joy-Anna’s wedding venue or at a hotel.

“Are you trying to sweep me off my feet, baby?!” Jinger captioned the photo.

"Are you trying to sweep me off my feet, baby?!" ????❤️️

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As you can see, there were other people using the stairs, so Jeremy Vuolo made sure that his wife avoided flashing anyone by grabbing the bottom of her skirt and pulling it up tight around her knees while he carried her. If he hadn’t been holding the skirt up, someone possibly could have seen up her dress.

During the most recent episode of Counting On, Jeremy Vuolo said that Jinger Duggar’s modesty is one of the things he loves most about her, but he wasn’t talking about the way she dresses. The couple was practicing their Spanish at a Mexican food restaurant, and Jeremy lavished her with praise for mastering enough of the language to successfully order fajitas with lettuce wraps and a side salad. However, his humble wife didn’t let the compliment go to her head.

“I’ve learned about Jinger, she’s very modest about what she thinks she can do, and so she’s not very impressed by herself or her own acumen of learning,” Jeremy said.

“But she picks things up very quickly and is very smart. I’ve been impressed by her.”

As Us Weekly reports, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did not allow Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo to go on any unsupervised dates before they got married. The constant presence of chaperones can make men and women who are courting feel uncomfortable about putting all aspects of their personalities on display, and Jeremy confessed that he didn’t get to know his wife on a deeper level until after he married her.

“Every day in these last few months, I’ve learned more about Jinger: who she is, what makes her tick, her sense of humor, how smart she is,” Jeremy told the Counting On cameras.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her more.”

Jeremy Vuolo also learned that Jinger Duggar likes wearing pants, which may be something that her own family was completely unaware of.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Facebook]