Alaskan Bush People rally behind Ami, but tears and missing Alaskan Bush are a problem

‘Alaskan Bush People’ — Ami Cries As Billy Struggles With Loss Of Freedom

The Alaskan Bush People started out as a family battling the harsh elements of the Alaskan bush, along with all the obstacles that life in the wilderness presents. The show has now turned into spotlighting the inner workings of the family members who are in desperate times as they support the matriarch of the family, Ami Brown, in her battle against lung cancer.

A clip from the show that actually occurred seven weeks prior to it airing offers a shot of Billy Brown asking Ami if they are “really doing this.” What Billy is referring to is packing up Browntown and moving the family to the lower 48 states where they can be near Ami as she receives treatment for her diagnosis.

Ami replies weakly, “I guess so,” she tells her husband that there’s nothing else for them to do. Billy is concerned with how he is feeling explaining in the clip that he can barely remember what it is like to have the freedom they all once enjoyed out there in the wilderness.

Billy said he can hardly remember being in the wilderness, which was a place that when you wake up in the morning, the day was theirs. In their Alaskan bush home, the family could do whatever they wanted to do. The members of the Brown family have now relocated to Southern California where Ami is receiving treatment for lung cancer, according to People Magazine.

The only one who stayed behind in Alaska is Noah, who is going through his own torment not being by his mother’s side with the rest of the family. He believes the entire family should be together during this time. He also said that he realizes every moment that he’s not there is a moment he’s lost to be with her.

Billy Brown said in an interview that Ami is heartbroken that the family pulled out of their digs in Alaska. She knows that some of their family members had plans on making the Alaskan bush and Browntown their homes as adults. While Ami and Billy arrived in the Alaskan bush as young adults starting a family, this is a life their kids were born into, said Billy, possibly making it tougher on the kids than him and Ami.

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