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Why Mitch Trubisky Might Miss Parts Of Chicago Bears’ Training Camp

The Chicago Bears are set to report to NFL training camp (courtesy of Chicago Tribune) on July 26. When the Bears begin to put in the game plan for the upcoming 2017 season, there could at least be one key player missing from everything. And it is one of the Bears’ most vital players, not now, but for the future.

It looks like there is a possibility that Chicago Bears’ rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky may not be with the team at the start of training camp. But Trubisky would have a good reason why he may not be in training camp with his new Chicago Bears’ teammates.

The reason why Mitch Trubisky may be one of the omissions when the Chicago Bears head out to training camp is that he does not have a contract. Trubisky is one of eight draft picks who remain unsigned, according to Pro Football Talk.

The Bears’ Trubisky joins a list that includes Solomon Thomas, Corey Davis, Jamal Adams, Patrick Mahomes, Gareon Conley, Jabril Peppers, and second round pick Obi Melifonwu. Besides Melifonwu, everyone else is all first round draft selections. Patrick Mahomes joins the Bears’ Mitch Trubisky as the rookie quarterbacks that have yet to be signed to their first deals.

In Mitch Trubisky’s case, it does not appear as if he will be a complete holdout when the Chicago Bears head to training camp. The holdup, per CSN Chicago’s Chris Boden, is the offset language installed in his rookie contract. Trubisky’s agents, Bruce and Ryan Tollner, want the Bears to offer their client a similar contract that their clients Marcus Mariota and Carson Wentz received in their rookie seasons.

Ironically, both Mariota and Wentz were No. 2 picks, just as the Chicago Bears made Mitch Trubisky.

The contract offer that the Chicago Bears will have put on the table for Mitch Trubisky has to reflect a pay raise from the increase in the NFL salary cap. That figure could be around the $28-30 million range.

According to Forbes, the Chicago Bears were predicted to hand Mitch Trubisky a contract offer just over $29 million. It also came with a guaranteed figure of $18.2 million the Bears were predicted to pay Trubisky.

This is foreign territory for the Chicago Bears, who have not had a rookie holdout since 2005. That was when No. 4 overall pick Cedric Benson stayed away from the Bears for 36 days (courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun) until a contract was signed.

Mitch Trubisky has gone on record stating that he will not be a holdout (courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times) with the Bears.

“I’m not going to miss any practices or anything like that. But I don’t see that being held out through training camp; even if it did, I’m going to be practicing and all that. I’m looking forward to getting it done as soon as possible.”

With the slotted cap figure that NFL teams can sign their players being in place, the Chicago Bears can offer Mitch Trubisky a maximum guaranteed amount of $19.2 million. If the Bears and Trubisky’s camp can meet somewhere in between the $18.2 and $19.2 million figure, one has to believe the deal will be signed. There are still a couple of weeks before the Bears begin training camp. That leaves hope that something can get done by then.

As a rookie quarterback, Mitch Trubisky needs every rep he can get during training camp. Even though the Bears are not looking for him to push for the starting quarterback job right away, they want him in camp with everyone else. His development as a quarterback will be delayed if it turns out that he and the Chicago Bears cannot come to terms on a contract.

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