'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry just had a minor accident, causing some of her fans to speculate she's in the homestretch of her pregnancy.

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry’s Scary Accident A Sign She’s About To Pop?

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry just had a scary accident. Interestingly, it could also be a sign that she’s in the homestretch of her pregnancy.

Amid the loud buzz surrounding her ex Javi Marroquin’s new girlfriend, Lowry doesn’t seem to be bothered in the slightest as she took to Twitter on Friday to recount a small, yet scary accident she just had. The accident, interestingly, involved a birthing ball, so fans of the reality star should be reassured that she’s taking good care of herself. As most of those who have experienced being pregnant should know, a birthing ball can help pregnant women labor more effectively.

Of course, a birthing ball can only be helpful if the pregnant woman who uses it is careful enough not to fall on her knees, which is exactly what Kailyn Lowry did.

Lowry’s tweets recounted that time when she and her three girlfriends were inside her kitchen just “talking and catching up.” Her friends, she said, made themselves comfortable sitting on chairs. Kailyn, however, opted to sit on a birthing ball instead. As soon as Lowry sat on the ball she immediately felt that it was “not as full as before,” causing her to speculate that it’s because her two boys were playing on it. But then again, she said, maybe it was because she was “getting effing fat.”

So then while in the middle of a conversation with her friends, Kailyn Lowry, who has been in the third trimester of her pregnancy for some time now (and as her baby bump photos on Instagram can attest), was startled as she felt the birthing ball pop beneath her, causing her to fall to the floor on her knees.

Thankfully, the Teen Mom 2 pregnant star, and her unborn child for that matter, were not injured by the minor accident. She, however, noticed that she had wood burns on her knee caps.

As such, Kailyn Lowry’s minor accident prompted her to check the birthing ball’s weight limit, and she was baffled when she found out that her weight is “under the max.”

Some of Lowry’s followers tweeted her to ask if she was okay, to which she answered that she was. Another user told her that the ball deflating beneath her could be a sign that she’s about to deliver her third baby.

While it’s apparent that Kailyn Lowry has been taking good care of herself during the trimester of her pregnancy, many are still concerned about the fact that the father of her unborn child, Chris Lopez, has categorically stated that he doesn’t want to be involved with the baby, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

On the bright side, her ex Javi Marroquin is always keeping himself involved with the children, and we can assume that he’s going to continue doing so even if he has found himself a new girlfriend. Marroquin, however, has made it clear that he isn’t interested in having a relationship with the new child. But then again, we can take that statement with a grain of salt considering that he made it not long after he and Lowry separated. Apparently, they are on good terms now — so who knows?

Kailyn Lowry is due to deliver her unborn child at the end of this month or in early August. It will be her third child after 7-year-old son Isaac (with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera) and 3-year-old Lincoln (with ex-husband Javi Marroquin).

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