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Florida City Commissioner John Sims Apologizes For Racist Facebook Post [Video]

Cooper City commissioner apologizes for racist FB post

Cooper City, FL — Commissioner John Sims publicly apologized Tuesday night for racial comment he posted on his Facebook page that upsets residents and fellow commissioners.

“To those of you who were genuinely offended, I offer my deepest apology,” Sims said. “Rest assured that I will continue to serve our city well and continue to work equally for all people in Cooper City regardless of religion, ethnicity or social status.”

The comment in question was posted November 30 and read:

“Just wanted to let you know … today I received my 2013 Social Security Stimulus Package. It contained two tomato seeds, cornbread mix, two discount coupons to KFC, an ‘Obama Hope & Change’ bumper sticker, a prayer rug, a machine to blow smoke up my ass and a ‘Blame it on Bush’ poster for the front yard. The directions were in Spanish. Yours should arrive soon.”

Recently elected Mayor Greg Ross decided to add the item to the city’s Tuesday workshop at the last minute after he received several emails from outraged residents.

“The residents’ phone calls asked me to please ask him to resign or to fire him,” Ross said. “I don’t have the right to do that. It’s the citizens who vote him in and the citizens’ right to vote him out.”

Ross said Sims would benefit from “sensitivity training.”

Resident Gabriel De Gedeon said, “Those comments are 100 percent bitter and ignorant. I’m shocked that those offensive comments were written by a Cooper City commissioner.”

Sims said he found the comment was not his own and that he found the post on another site.

“The post was done as a humorous commentary,” Sims said. “I deeply regret that I failed to consider that some might find it offensive.”

Mayor Ross and commissioners said they do not condone Sims’ comment, but he did attempt to make it right.

“The comment was vile, offensive — it reminds me of a Neanderthal comment because it’s very backward. It was not in good taste,” Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi said. “But I accept his apology and we’re going to move forward.”

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2 Responses to “Florida City Commissioner John Sims Apologizes For Racist Facebook Post [Video]”

  1. Steve Finley

    Shyeahh. "Sensitivity training" oughta do it.

    We're going to make a really huge leap in progress the day we stop worrying about idiotic comments from probably racist people like this, and start worrying about what the real problems are.

  2. Ancil Gathers Jr.

    don't waste you time on these hater and racist people they will always be people like these all we can do is thank God that they are not the way majority think and far that he apologize don't mean squat he meant it when he said and meant it when he apologize he only said he did not mean it when the people call him on it he is also a liars a racist will not treat everyone equal no matter what he say. it just will not happen. it like trying to inuring a bell it never going to happen. thank you unclebubba78

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