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Serial Killer ‘Broke Own Rule': How Israel Keyes Lost Control

Serial Killer 'Broke Own Rule': How Israel Keyes Lost Control

Serial killer Israel Keyes broke his own rule that he would go to great lengths to distance himself from any of his victims. According to ABC News, it was the meticulous murderer’s loss of control and violation of his own careful rules that ended years of traveling to kill for fun.

Israel Keyes reminds me of TV serial killer Dexter who has a set of rules called “The Code” which dictate his actions in setting up a murder. Israel Keyes has his own “Code,” but unlike Dexter, who only kills other murderers, Keyes’ serial killer rules were all about avoiding capture and did not include a hint of morality.

When stalking an Anchorage coffee stand, Israel Keyes told himself that if the person working inside did not own a car, he would only rob the place and leave. Instead, upon finding teenage barista Samantha Koenig inside, he dragged her out, raped her in his own car, and proceeded to strangle her and hide her body by dismembering it. Keyes then decided to fulfill a risky fantasy by using the dead woman’s debit card. This substantial trail of evidence eventually led to the serial killer’s arrest for her murder.

“In prior cases, he had enough self-control to walk away from it, to not commit the kidnapping, to not commit the abduction and with Samantha he didn’t,” Anchorage homicide Det. Monique Doll said Monday. “He broke his own rule. He had drawn his line in the sand and he couldn’t help himself, he said. He took her anyway.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, when investigators questioned Israel Keyes and asked why he committed the murders the answer was startling.

“There were just times, a couple of times, where we would try to get a why,” said Anchorage Police officer Jeff Bell, who helped interrogate Keyes for hours. “He would have this term, he would say, ‘A lot of people ask why, and I would be, like, why not?'”

Oddly enough, Israel Keyes did not consider himself a serial killer even though he had extensively studied the subject.

“He had researched and read other serial killers. He knew a lot about Ted Bundy,” Doll said. “He was very careful to say that he had not patterned himself after any other serial killers, that his ideas were his own. He was very clear about that distinction. That mattered a lot to him. He never identified himself as a serial killer. That was one of the things that he wanted very much, as this investigation progressed, to keep from being identified as.”

Again, like Dexter, Israel Keyes maintained a double life and was very cautious about protecting the life he led with his girlfriend and daughter. His Dexter-like primary motivation was also that the act of killing sparked emotions.

“He was very confident in that fact that he was successful in leading this kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde lifestyle and that no one would ever suspect him of doing these crimes, had he not confessed,” Doll said. “Israel Keyes never expressed in any way, shape or form that he was ashamed or regretted any of his actions and he was very self-aware. He was also very okay with the fact that he did this because he got enjoyment out of it. He didn’t try to rationalize it.”

The world is glad that this serial killer broke his own rule. This loss of control led to an end to the needless loss of life. What do you think about the “reasoning” and motivation behind Israel Keyes’ murders?

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18 Responses to “Serial Killer ‘Broke Own Rule': How Israel Keyes Lost Control”

  1. Jim Trevino

    well I think he should get the same fate killing for fun let me tear him apart while I laugh and see his reaction'fame get him off the news, give me a hero any day.

  2. Anonymous

    Jim – You realize that you are no different than he is (was). Especially if you could go through with it. Although, typical e-tough guy

  3. Teresa Covington

    If you're going to rip off someone else's story, Patrick Frye, it is pretty stupid to leave great big chunks of their words unchanged. The parts of this story that actually make sense, appear to have come verbatim from a Good Morning America article – of course that article isn't full of grammatical errors, subject/verb confusion, and sentence fragments like "yours". Isn't it a crime to commit blatant plagarism? See–abc-news-topstories.html by Christina NG, ABC News/Good Morning America…

  4. Richard Jones

    All the play about, oh you shouldn't hurt this type of guy because your acting just like him? What a load! I think some would feel empowered to act to the fact that we continue to coddle such people in some of our libral states. With a crime such as this and I am not saying most but this one case the guy should have been hind and quatered publically! Yes cruelty should not beget cruelty that is a known but for you liberal religious counterparts please! I have seen what some have done in real life and yes at the time if you were to witness it personally your whole out look would change radically! Example, would you not try to defend an innocent victom to the death by an attacher if you saw it? If you would not you are a poor excuse for a human being. Just because the guy could be killed after the fact it changes nothing! That poor innocent girl and her family's termoil for evermore will be a nightmare remembered. It should only happen to you "liberal know it alls"! I am with you Jim! Wish we could have had at him before he had the chance to do himself in! Rough tade you might say? Soldiers are put in those situations everyday! It's just the muir idea that someone could plan a killing of a bad guy that bothers you poor liberals. Kiss my A.

  5. Patrick Frye

    The Inquisitr provides news aggregation, although some articles are unique. ABC News clearly was listed as the source in the first paragraph.

  6. Don John

    This guy looks like Willem Defoe, and is taking pages right out of Dexter. Maybe we are getting a real life look at how season 7 is going to end.

  7. Kathy Carlson

    And Dexter is an actor! There are special doctors and medications out there for you that want to kill him for killing someone. Too bad Keyes didn't get help as a child. And BTW Richard Jones, what has being liberal or living in a "Liberal State" have to do with all this? Have another beer while you clean your guns!

  8. Robert P. Robertson

    serial killers, mass murderers, murderers are not very smart. if they were, they would not be murderers. serial killers, mass murderers, and murderers are profiles in severe mental illness. they live in their own heads and act out the images and impulses they get from their mental encapsulation. if there was a way to detect them before they act out, half of america would be in therapy.

  9. Jim Trevino

    you right in war theres no guilt,but if it was a relationship to would u sit and cry knowing this person will find another victum,iam glad the coward killed themself goes to should u he couldn't take the pain hope that will be his hell

  10. Anonymous

    @Jim Trevino- you seem as if you some relevance to this – scary!

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