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Adrienne Maloof Isn’t Really The Mother To Her Children, Brandi Glanville Claims

Adrienne Maloof Talk

Adrienne Maloof and husband Paul Nassif used a surrogate to have their three children, fellow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Brandi Glanville alleges.

The Adrienne Maloof surrogate claim was made at a gathering where Maloof was not present, causing a controversy among the reality show’s stars in a recent episode, Reality TV Magazine noted.

“There’s a gathering that most of the cast attends except Adrienne,” a source said. “And during the party, Brandi takes issue with the fact that Adrienne insists she had her three boys naturally, while Brandi insists Paul and Adrienne used a surrogate.”

Later, housewife Kim Richards relays Glanville’s comments to Adrienne Maloof and Paul, feeding into some underlying animosity the couple already had for Glanville.

“Brandi and Adrienne already had some underlying issues with each other … and Brandi has a very knee-jerk reaction when she thinks people are lying or being fake,” the source said. “This was her way of reacting to something she though Adrienne was being dishonest about.”

The Adrienne Maloof surrogate claim is likely to feed into the escalating drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Wet Paint suggests. It already has brought a half-hearted apology from Glanville.

“My mouth gets me in a lot of trouble, but this time I’ve pissed off the wrong rich person,” she wrote in her Bravo blog.

Glanville has some beefs of her own with Adrienne Maloof, who claimed that Glanville sleeps until 3 pm and leaves her children alone during that time.

This brought the fighting side out of Brandi Glanville.

“Normally I would laugh it off,” Brandi wrote about Adrienne Maloof’s comments. “But when the lies involve my children, like any good mother, ALL BETS ARE OFF!”

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41 Responses to “Adrienne Maloof Isn’t Really The Mother To Her Children, Brandi Glanville Claims”

  1. Jayney Espinoza

    Brandi is just plain white trash..she wants to snag a rich guy and is so jealous of the other housewifes. I would not trust that ho anywhere near my man..Lisa is dumb for sticking up for her doesn't she see that she (brandi) wants her life…No wonder eddie left her…she's a skank.

  2. Pamela Butler

    Where did Brandi come from anyway? Hey, Brandi, how does it feel to open your mouth and watch your tiny little brain fall out? Geez….some people's kids!

  3. Kimberly Dombrowski

    Brandi is white trash and she needs to be fired from the show! Bravo should prove they won't put up with her very personal comments! Poor Adrienne and Paul-GET RID OF BRANDI BRAVO!

  4. Rhonda Griep

    So Brandi, why is it anyone else's business? I'll tell you what is really honest… you are a bitch and trash all the way!

    True or not, it isn't anyone's business and for you to go spreading it around under the guise of "honesty" is sick. You are a bitch and you are trash. We don't need to see people like you on shows.

  5. Sheila Ames Le Roy

    How did Brandi find out about Adriennes secret? I know Camille talked about having a surrogate for both of her children in her first season.. I wonder if Camille shared how to do it with Adrienne. Brandi and Camille used to be really close and now they are not. I think Camille told Brandi never thinking she woud come on the show and tell everyone about Adrienne. Now Camille is mad at her? These ladies have so much money that they hire someone to carry their kids so they don't lose their figures and some make excuses like Camille, come on IBS. Really! Can't wait to hear Adrienne's excuse.

  6. Moira Grazzini

    Brandi is just WHITE TRAILER TRASH! I now see why he marriage didn't last..She is so unlady lakie. I am aware some of the drama is set up..but everytime she is involved something errupts! Jealous much? Brandi..needs ot be cut off the show, the only reason she made it on their, she slept her way there. Who gives 2 cents about her ex leaving her for Leann..maybe she is much better person. TAKING CARE OF BRANDI'S KIDS!

  7. Tonia Linton

    Brandi has been trouble since day one. She has talked trash about each and every one of these women, from bullying to making accusations and assumptions without knowing a damn thing about them. Even if this were to be true about Adrienne, it wouldn't make a difference, she wouldn't be the first to use a surrogate. But just maybe Brandi ought to mind her business and learn to keep her mouth shut. If it were true maybe just maybe the media isn't how a family should hear about it…jus sayin! Further more, Brandi your not the first person in the world nor will you be the last to have been cheated on and been thru a divorce, there are many of us out there and are not attention whores as yourself! Stop making excuses and just be a mom, get a life and move on! Your relationship was already broken for him to cheat and leave…your not in highschool anymore, GROW UP!

  8. Glynda Hodges Pickens

    Being pregnant & giving birth to a child, does NOT a mother make. Raising them & loving them is what makes a mother!
    She IS their mother. Brandi is a broken, sad individual. I will pray for you Brandi.

  9. Claudia de Leon

    Brandi is a classless train wreck. People in general should not just shoot off at the mouth. Brandi doesn't think before she speaks. Who does she think she is that she can't stand it when she thinks someone is withholding some information about their personal lives? What business is it of hers? Her words are like vomit.

  10. Maggie Dumais

    Possibly because idiots like Brandi people would not want to discuss how their children were conceived WHICH IS THEIR BUSINESS. A mother is someone who loves, nurtures and cares for her children. It does not matter one bit if they are adopted, IVF, surrogate, raised by other family members. I won't comment on her personal situation, but perhaps that has something to do with her anger.

  11. Anonymous

    Point blank you got a problem w/ another CONSENTING adult meaning another of age mentally indivdual who can defend their selves go for but to bring children into anything is ridiculous and immature. Right Wrong or Indifferent what happens behind closed doors is your business not the worlds so leave it at that if you see w/ your own two eyes or hear it w/ your own to ears that speak on but this drama and complete chaos on this show is embarssing and not worth the money or hassel these woman are getting. Grow up especially Brandi, quit acting like a tv tough girl and get a clue maybe that's why your husband cheated your immature ways drove him away.

  12. Jeffrey Tippy Miller

    Wow tons of jealous women on here…..Im sure Brandi gets that often. Adrienne made a rude comment to Brandi first about being a bad mother and leaving her kids alone while she sleeps until 3 pm. Brandi responded with the surrogate comment. These housewive shows are like watching a train wreck anyway. Women and their drama….

  13. Joe Clement

    Who the Hell cares if she used a surrogate. Camille did as well. Brandi is a physcho bitch. She is bitter, jealous, and needs to get life. She can't stand the fact that she is living in a common home. She also attacked Taylor for her book. So What….Taylor was reaching out to victims of domestice violence. Brandi is reaching out for money and to find another sugar Daddy who will fall for her shit.

  14. Anonymous

    Not a big deal. I do not think anyone cares how these children came to be. They were wanted and they are loved. Brandi hit below the belt, although it is nothing to be ashamed about, Adrienne and Paul have their reasons for not exposing this. Now these kids have to deal with divorce and now going to find out their mommy did not have them in her tummy……really sad.

  15. Alyssa Proffitt Brown

    So… Brandi was wrong. It was a dumbass move. Either way, Adrienne could just put an end to the drama. If she did carry her babies, I'm sure they'd have pictures of her preggers. If they used a surrogate, they should just say it (ala Camille) and be done with it. Who cares whether or not she actually carried her kids in her uterus?

  16. Lynn Corporal

    Love Brandi! Exposing those fake gold diggers for who they really are, can't wait to hear what she comes out with every show. Now THAT'S entertainment!

  17. Gayle Schmidt Doyer

    Get a grip people!
    Bravo wants to stir the pot, it's part of the script, to keep people watching the show….and it's working. I don't give a rats ass who had Adrienne's kids; she's nothing more than a lying bitch anyway accusing Lisa of selling stories. Lisa has more class than Adrienne anyway.
    And good for Brandi! The bitch has moxy, won't put up with anyone's shit and speaks her mind! You go girl! You're my favorite!

  18. Cija Foster

    who gives a shit, YOU want to see a real housewife? come to my house, my house is spotless with housework I HAVE done myself, my kids have a hot breakfast every morning, home work help when they get home. I do the laundry, I do the grocery shopping, hubby does most the cooking cause he loves to do it. I am a real housewife and I don't get paid millions I guess they see that THE REAL HOUSEWIVES like me are boring.

  19. Nakela Prude

    So the F what…
    They must've pissed you off big time, and that still doesn't give her trashy a$$ any right to speak their business. But when the table is turned on her, she can't handle it.

  20. Nakela Prude

    no she didn't!! she brought that up after she made that comment. brandi was the one to bring all that mess up in which she has no place to all. if adrienne wants to have 20 surrogates that's her damn business.

  21. Monica Bell

    Ummmm…Adrienne got called out on her lie. She told them that she birth those boys via c-section. Sure, Brandi just not said anything but when you blatantly lie like that and get mad when someone calls you out…you can't get mad at anyone but yourself. If Adrienne didn't want anyone to know about the surrogate, she shouldn't have lied about it. She definitely should've keep it to herself how the children were birthed. And just to be clear, I don't have a problem with surrogacy or do I think it makes her any less of a mother.

  22. Vl Towler

    Wow… do you all really think this is worth talking about? Save your passions for something that matters, like the environment, educating your kids, eating genetically modified foods–something! This is why this country is so backwards. Get educated people. Really.

  23. Lisa Jo Larry Kendrick

    Adrienne's not rich her parents are. She's only as rich as the settlement she gets out of Paul.

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