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50-Foot Duck Floats Down The River Thames [Video]

giant duck

If you live somewhere along the River Thames you may have seen something a little peculiar today. A 50-foot duck floated down the river today as part of a publicity stunt for the gaming company Jackpotjoy.

If a 50-foot duck is hard for you to fathom then you should know that the Jackpotjoy duck is also 135 cans of baked beans tall. Can’t imagine 135 cans of beans? Well it has also been described as three times the size of a double decker bus or twice as tall as a house.

ITV reports that the 50-foot duck was launched to celebrate the launch of Jackpotjoy’s new Facebook FUNdation. The FUNdation encourages Londoners to submit ideas about crazy ways to have fun.

Jackpotjoy wrote on Facebook:

“Did everybody enjoy the #JackpotjoyDuck today? We wanted to do everything we could to help cheer up the Nation. But it doesn’t end there, because now it’s your turn! Putting a giant rubber duck on the Thames is the exact sort of fun we want you to submit to the Jackpotjoy FUNdation. If you send us a video or a picture of you proposing a crazy, wonderful, fun idea that you want to turn into a reality – then, like the #JackpotjoyDuck, we might just do it!”

Here are some photos of the 50-foot duck as it floats down the River Thames.

Here’s a video of the 50-foot duck.

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14 Responses to “50-Foot Duck Floats Down The River Thames [Video]”

  1. Jayme Stephens

    I so read that headline wrong at first… was going to go whaaaaaat? now the 50 foot DUCK isn't so startling…

  2. James Predmore

    hahahhahahahaha I'm drunk and saw the scengtecnce '50 foot duck" and clicked on it asap and was totlly dissapointed with laughter. hahahahha

  3. Cory Sands

    Maaan, I was hoping for Duckzilla or something :/ Yahoo you dissapoint…

  4. Softtouch Male

    Okay I have to say this much. London has changed drastically since I was last there. And definitely has gotten more skyscrapier since the early 80s.

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