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Fox Anchor Caught Dancing During Commercial Break [Video]

tia ewing dancing

Some people just can’t fight the urge to dance. Fox anchor Tia Ewing was caught dancing during a commercial break.

Ewing was working the early morning shift at Fox when the program cut to commercial and she broke out the dance moves. Fortunately for the internet, the camera’s didn’t stop rolling and caught the Fox news anchor dancing her heat out to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

Later on the show, Ewing was teased about the incident by her co-workers. Ewing said that she just can’t help it sometimes.

Ewing said:

“I gotta get it where I can get it. I just didn’t know the camera was rolling.”

But it doesn’t look like Ewing was too embarrassed about the incident since. In fact, Ewing is promoting the incident. She’s already talked about the incident on Twitter andFacebook and even uploaded the video to YouTube.

Ewing writes:

“They caught me, BUSTED! Let’s hope this doesn’t go viral! … Having a little fun on the morning show. I mean, it is 4:30 am. Watch the entire clip, it goes to black then appears again.”

Here’s the video of Fox anchor Tia Ewing dancing on the morning show.

Tia Ewing isn’t the only news anchor to get caught breaking character this week. A reporter in Illinois recently proposed to his girlfriend on live TV.

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15 Responses to “Fox Anchor Caught Dancing During Commercial Break [Video]”

  1. Kenneth Dey

    When ya gots ta dance, ya gots ta dance. It's totally out of your control. There's nothing that can be done about it…. except ta dance.

  2. Judy Paris

    FOX used to be professional. This is no place for this behavior. VERY unprofessional.

  3. Kenneth Dey

    There's nothing wrong with enjoying life. One day soon it will all be over, and we'll all wish that we had danced a little more and worried a little less.

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