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Pa. Woman Shot And Killed Over Cigarette

police tape

A woman in Pennsylvania was shot and killed over a cigarette this week.

According to the Pocono Record, William Bailey, 28, and his girlfriend, 22-year-old Kayla Peterson, were walking home from the store when three teenagers asked them for cigarettes. The couple refused and the teens started to follow them home.

Bailey said that the teens were screaming profanities at them but he just kept walking.

Bailey said:

“I didn’t acknowledge them. I didn’t look at them. I pretended I didn’t hear them.”

When the couple finally got home Peterson turned to confront the boys and told them to “get a job.”

One of the teenagers, identified as 14-year-old Marcus Velasquez, pulled out a gun and fatally shot Peterson. Velasquez, as well as 14-year-old Todavia Cleckley, are still at large. Kyle Goosby Jr., 13, has been arrested.

Goosby’s attorney Michael Santicola said that the 13-year-old was merely at the “wrong place at the wrong time.” Still, under Pennsylvania law, Goosby is being charged with conspiracy to commit criminal homicide.

Police Chief Charles Jones Jr. said that Velasquez and Cleckley should be considered “armed and dangerous.”

While police continue searching for the two teenagers who shot a woman over a cigarette, Bailey is trying to explain to his 2-year-old daughter where her mother has gone.

Bailey said: “She really was the rock of our family. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

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36 Responses to “Pa. Woman Shot And Killed Over Cigarette”

  1. Anonymous

    I know thiose kids , they took Murder 101 in school.I don't think that the cigarettes were the subject , sounds as if these.
    under aged trouble makers were out to kill anyway. Just as the old car headlights game was. the gang drove around with their headkights off , the first person that flashed them got wasted.

  2. Mike Bayray

    come on guys he's just trying to get his gang apprentiship done. it sure is a good thing that a 14 year old has his own gone and eveything, he's going to go far.

  3. Sue Burnside

    Well, THAT sure 'proved' Velasquez's 'manhood', didn't it? I somehow doubt his mother is in any way proud of his murdering another person.

    Definately, deep sympathy for Ms.Peterson's family and Mr.Baily, AND for Velasquez's family as well. This is all-around tragic and was completely unnecessary. Goosby is an accomplice just by being there (not to mention 'stalking' the couple), and now HIS family is in shock and grief over their child's actions/behavior/associations. Cleckley is an accomplice (on the run, now) too, who has now brought (more?) grief to her family as well.

    Velasquez and Cleckley will be found at some point, hopefully for their sakes and their family's sakes, alive.

    One family after another dragged into tragedy and deepest anguish because of one 'child's' EXTREMELY stupid choice.

  4. Anonymous

    now if this guy would have had a concealed carry permit, the punk would be dead and he would be alive….

  5. Tim Yearian

    If that s.o.b is willing to shoot someone over a cigarette he must be caught tried and put under the prison with no rights until his exacution he.s an animal and should be treated as such.

  6. Rusty Santos

    there needs to be some vigilante justice done to these 2 punks they will get no time for murder seeing they are minors there parents need to be arrested. a 14 year old with a gun yes its the parents fault and anyone finding the 2 punks need to string them up that is what they deserve not the slap on the wrist they will get for being minors.

  7. Rusty Santos

    yea a few people tried that in Phoenix until a motorist fired back and killed one of the punks.

  8. Alvin Reid

    While we see this type of thing from time to time the laws that refer to minors committing murder hasn't changed. the whole gang thing is outrageous in some of our neighborhoods. To protect yourself is the same as being a criminal because you don't have the right to do so legally. The laws have to change to keep this kind of danger off the streets. The whole thing is senseless and tragic. Now there are two on the lam armed and dangerous. They should never see the light of day. If you take a life just for the fun of it, then you should forfeit yours for the fun of it. Here's a thought, " I remember a commercial that showed this very innocent looking baby witha cute grin and suddenly he started breathing fire." What! Huh! Hmmm….

  9. Hawaii Tropics

    Although they murdered his girlfriend and his daughter's mother, what he told those low life bastards still stands as the truth, "Go get a fucking J-O-B!!!!

  10. William DeLoach

    what has the world come to when a persons life isn't worth a cigarette. These kids will probably be tried as juveniles and get away with murder. They should get atleast 50 years to think about what they have done to this family. My heart goes out to the family.

  11. Mike Roberts

    I'm with DD on this one. I support CCP's, but don't think it would have helped save a life. Might have prevented two people from being 'at large' though.

  12. John Snow

    Yes, because it's not the parent's responsibility to keep watch of what their children play so we should blame the companies that put out this stuff to entertain people. Please, think before spouting out ignorance.

  13. Marisa Torres

    that is story is discusting how could those kids do that to a beautiful young lady…over a ciggerate I cant believe it :(

  14. Anonymous

    Let's see what happens to these pieces of trash. How does everyone like that ruling now by the Supreme(less) Court that life in prison without parole is cruel and usual punishment to punks under eighteen? They need to be strung up by vigilantes. The law profession is ruining this country. Every town should have a person like Paul Kersey, the character played by Charles Bronson in Death Wish.

  15. Kelly Rowe

    Douglas is right. The woman would still be dead, but he could have returned fire, and saved the tax payers the expense of a trial for that animal, and gotten instant justice for his girlfriend.

  16. Anonymous

    Mike Roberts A CCP might have been able to save a life if it had been pulled before the final confrontation as the intimidation escalated.

  17. Kelly Rowe

    Ok, here we go, blame it on video games. I have to throw the B.S. card on that. It's not video games, it's just plain lousy parenting! if their parents took the time to teach them right from wrong, the video games would be just entertainment.

  18. Mary Fennell

    Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. I want them to be non concealed lets go wild west give everyone a gun the NRA would be so happy along with all the other nut jobs and then lets just do what ever we want to The supreme court is forcing IL to make a law for conceal and carry make a stink or it will happen. Lets give everyone a gun and see what happens Yeah!

  19. Gloria Duff

    I believe 85% of what your child turns out to be is because of proper parenting or lack of. Maybe some people should not be bringing children into the world unless they are prepared to raise produced members of society.

  20. Ana Hernandez

    but a 17 yo attacking Zimmerman was not a possibility, he's a kid they say. kids my ars. punks is more like it.if she had a gun the punks could be dead instead.

  21. DigitalOne VisualMedia

    JS – You should take your own advice, who do you think buys these things for THEIR kids, the parents. Who do you think is not monitoring what their kids are doing, parents.

  22. Viva Barbarella

    Why were these people allowed to reproduce on Earth? Look at the havoc wreaked by their offspring! These ghetto spics have no remorse. Exile them to Pluto, far away from humanity. Mars is too close for comfort.

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