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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 4 To Feature Corinne Olympios And DeMario Jackson Amid Scandal

ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise has been under fire recently following the controversial scandal involving two of its cast members, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.

After the production was halted last month, the highly-anticipated Season 4 is now back in filming, leaving fans wondering on how will the network and cast members handle the highly publicized misconduct.

In a recent report by Variety, it has been revealed that Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 will still feature Corinne and DeMario despite earlier reports of the two not returning to the show.

Apparently, there are other footages featuring both contestants, adding that there is currently “hours upon hours” of materials to be edited and will most likely be used in the forthcoming episodes.

While Warner Bros. revealed that the actual footage from the night of the scandal will most likely not make its way on national television, Corinne and DeMario’s supposed appearance on the show is still expected to add more hype in the impending season.

“Not sure how in depth [the season] will get with the situation. We will definitely address there was a stop-down, and how things will move going forward.”

Although Corinne and DeMario’s participation on the upcoming episodes remains to be uncertain, sources revealed that the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 will surely address the controversial scandal.

It can be recalled that filming for the Bachelor in Paradise was immediately cut off after an alleged scandalous incident between Olympios and Jackson. Warner Bros. reportedly launched an investigation to look into “allegations of misconduct on the set,” which news outlets revealed to be an alleged sexual assault between the two cast members. Eventually, the studio announced that their investigation found no misconduct.

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After weeks of silence, Corinne finally released a statement explaining her side of the story. The young star revealed that she had been victimized by judgments that she received caused by a fateful night that she cannot even recall.

Olympios also said that she is satisfied with the results of her team’s own investigation and clarified that she never filed any complaint to anyone on the set. Moreover, the 24-year-old admitted that she was invited to return to the show but decided not to.

Meanwhile, DeMario defended Corinne from all the hate being thrown at her. In an interview, he pointed out that it is not fair to label her a “slut.” The 30-year-old reality star also claimed being misjudged as a “rapist” due to the controversy.

There were also reports that DeMario was invited to come back to the show but rejected the offer just like Corinne.

Aside from Jackson and Olympios, other original cast members are expected to return to the show. Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 is slated to premiere later this summer.

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