Donald Trump called a "pig" on air on MSNBC

Donald Trump Challenged To Fist-Fight After He’s Called ‘A Pig’ On-Air At MSNBC

As far as MSNBC goes, nobody watches them, claims the folks on Fox & Friends Weekend’s curvy couch. That is until all this trash-talk about Donald Trump over at MSNBC might just get the best of people’s curiosity now that it is saturating the headlines. These insults are unlike any ever witnessed before said on-air about a sitting president. Will this drive the masses to tune into the MSNBC line-up? Has this become another Megyn Kelly – Donald Trump sparring saga with folks eager to see what’s next in the war on words that has escalated beyond professionalism?

The Morning Joe Show opened on Friday morning coming to the defense of their colleagues with some “disgusting” accusations about the President of the United States. The latest verbal attack on the president was spewed by Morning Joe contributor, Donny Deutsch, who actually looked into the camera and challenged Trump to a fist-fight. This can be seen in the video tweet below.

This drama was overflowing when Deutsch challenged Trump to a schoolyard fist fight on air Friday morning. He called him out by first stating Trump was “physically disgusting.” Deutsch then said, “Donald if you’re watching, we’re from Queens. I’ll meet you in the schoolyard, brother.”

Deutsch’s facial expressions and grimaces went along with his words as he leaned toward the camera while attempting to form these words. The Morning Joe Show on Friday was filled with Trump bashing, there wasn’t much news talked about. According to The Hill, “Much of Friday’s show was dedicated to discussing Trump’s tweets, with Deutsch deciding to use personal insults.”

Deutch was apparently there to defend Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, which was indicated by his words. On Friday, Mika and Joe were supposed to be on vacation, but they came back to go on the air and suggest the president is “unwell” because of his recent tweets, reports Vanity Fair.

“Enough is enough with this disgusting, vulgar man. To talk about women that way, and the irony is that you physically look like you do, beyond the stupidity of it, you are a pig. You are a bully. And you are doing disgusting things to this country,” said Deutch on the air about America’s sitting president.

MSNBC “keeps the hatred flowing,” according to CNS News, after the latest nasty comments to air over at the station are seemingly invested at seeing Trump deemed mentally unstable. Trump has gotten under the skin of Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough to the point that the co-workers have delayed their Fourth of July vacation.

Fox & Friends Weekend hosts shared their thoughts that Trump has every right to push back after Brzezinski and Scarborough poking him with verbal jabs for some time now, but when Geraldo Rivera came on and said that Trump should apologize for going after Mika’s looks, there was some conflict. The hosts weren’t on board with that, they go back to these two MSNBC hosts having a field day with Trump bashing. They stress that the president finally had enough and now Donald Trump has pushed back.

One thing that the morning hosts of Saturday’s Fox & Friends Weekend and their guest Heraldo Rivera did agree upon was that by Trump sparring with the hosts on MSNBC, this was giving the hosts and the station the attention they crave. This is similar to how the Megyn Kelly – Donald Trump sparring series went, which sent Kelly skyrocketing in the ratings. While the masses agree that Donald Trump has every right to push back, this pushing back may just award the station he despises tons of ratings because of the back and forth insults.

Apparently, this was not how Mika always felt about Donald Trump, as seen in the “lost tapes” of Mika, who is said to be flirting with Donald Trump on various occasions, as seen below in a video that is titled Crush.

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