The U.S. will be last to get SNES Classic preorder, rumors say its because of the FCC

Nintendo’s SNES Classic Sells Out In Europe While U.S. Awaits FCC Approval

Nintendo just announced the SNES Classic, a mini version of the classic gaming console with 21 games already installed. Fans excitement rose with the mention that titles such as Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past were going to be included with the miniature console. With the SNES Classic going for $79.99 it’s definitely going to be a hot item this year as we roll into the holidays, but those who remember last years NES Classic release know that getting your hands on one of these consoles could be more difficult than it sounds.

So far this is turning out to be true as multiple European retailers are selling out their stock of available pre-orders within hours and even minutes each time they update their inventory. Unfortunately the only country that has yet to have a chance to snag up one of the SNES Classic’s is the United States. While retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart and Best Buy have item pages up they are not actually taking orders for the console yet, and other retailers like Target, GameStop and Toys R Us have yet to add the SNES Classic to their inventory, even as a coming soon item.

Nintendo SNES Classic Preoders Sell Out in UK Before they start in the US
[Image by Kim White/Nintendo of America via Getty Images]

While this has not been confirmed by Nintendo or the retailers who have yet to put up a pre-order page for the SNES Classic, the speculation is that the reason there haven’t been any pre-orders in the U.S. so far is because the console has yet to receive FCC approval. Originally reported by I4U News both the SNES Classic and the Xbox One X are in the same boat right now waiting on the Federal Communications Commission to certify that the console’s electromagnetic interference is below the allowed limits. The reason this seems so likely is that both consoles are waiting on this certification and both are not listed on the same three retailers websites.

SNES Classic Preoders on hold due to FCC according to rumor
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If these consoles really are waiting on FCC approval we have to hope that they get it taken care of soon as the SNES Classic is set to release in September. Luckily for anyone looking to get one there is still plenty of time, Nintendo told Business Insider previously that they would be producing significantly more of the SNES Classic than they did the NES Classic in 2016. This is already proving to be true with how quickly U.K. retailers were able to update their pre-orders to “in stock” after the initial ones were all bought up. With plans to run production through the end of 2017 you should at least have through the holidays to stalk those pre-order pages for sales to begin and snag one up before they are gone!

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