HRH Kate Becomes Face Of Domestic Abuse, Duchess’ Photoshopped Image With Black Eye Used As Clickbait

Kate Middleton has become the face of a domestic abuse ad, but everything about it is fake. A photoshopped image of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is used for clickbait purposes.

HRH Kate Middleton’s image is photoshopped to show a black eye, as she looks grim. The fake image, added with the title that says: “Kate Finally Reveals What Caused The Dispute,” has managed to fool many. People fell into the trap of believing that Prince William’s wife might have been involved in domestic abuse.

However, when people clicked the ad, it took them to a lifestyle article. Interestingly, the website seems to be a copy of People magazine, even though the URL proves that it’s not the authentic celebrity news website.

The article on the page is about a certain skincare line that Duchess Kate is apparently endorsing. It does not give any reliable details about the product, which apparently comes from a brand called Junivive. Nor does it mention anything about domestic abuse. According to reports, the clickbait ad has appeared on major news websites.

Dr. Lauren Rosewarne told Mamamia that domestic violence should not be used as a marketing strategy. The senior lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne said that it would be, however, difficult to take any action against such ads.

Kate Middleton has become the face of a fake domestic abuse ad.
Kate Middleton has become the face of a fake domestic abuse ad. [Image by Ian Vogler – Pool/Getty Images]

The questionable brand, Junivive, apparently sells an anti-aging cream. Its official website even offers free trials of the product. However, when we clicked the button to get to the free offer, it opened another website that did not provide any details for the free trial.

It rather took us to the “checkout” page, with each product priced at $34.99. Several customers have complained on various websites about this product. Many claim that it is nothing but a scam.

Readers are tricked to think if Prince William's wife is involved in domestic abuse.
Readers are tricked to think if Prince William’s wife is involved in domestic abuse. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

This may not be the first time a celebrity’s face is used without permission to promote a product. However, this may be the first time a celebrity’s face is distorted as a marketing strategy to promote a debatable product.

NBC News earlier reported about a trend of fake celebrity endorsements. Certain dubious products are using celebs’ faces to promote their products. They are even using the logos of authentic news websites like Entertainment Today, TMZ and CNN to make the readers fall in the trap.

[Featured Image by Place2Be/Getty Images]