Dr. Henry Bello sent email to New York Daily News just hours before the shooting rampage at hospital

Doctor Emailed Rant To ‘Daily News’ Two Hours Before His NYC Hospital Shooting Rampage

Dr. Henry Bello was the man who brazenly tucked an assault rifle under his white lab coat and embarked on a shooting rampage targeting other doctors in the hospital he was once fired from. The irate doctor was assumingly out for revenge, made evident by a “chilling” email he sent to the New York Daily News just two hours before this hospital massacre.

Bello was dead and his body was lying on the floor of the hospital near the only other fatality of this rampage by the time the editor at the New York Daily News read the email. It was a few hours after the rampage had taken place when the email came to light. The editor recognized Dr. Henry Bello’s name from the news that hit the headlines nationally on Friday afternoon.

As the New York Daily News reports, the email gave no reason to think that some type of violence was about to take place. It contained a rant about a man losing his job as a doctor with the writer of the email blaming his situation on someone reporting to the hospital officials that he was “rude.” The email was time-stamped at 12:46 p.m. on Friday, June 30.

Bello was reportedly fired from his position as a family medicine doctor from the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in New York City.

Bello wrote, “This hospital terminated my road to a licensure to practice medicine.”

He also wrote, “First, I was told it was because I always kept to myself. Then it was because of an altercation with a nurse.”

While Bello claims he was fired, the hospital allowed him to resign “amid sexual harassment allegations” back in 2015, according to the Washington Post.

The email went on to say that he was eventually fired for “threatening a co-worker,” according to the Daily News. Bello never gave a hint of retaliation in his email, his complaint was that he was fired and that $400,000 “of my money went to this hospital and the family medicine department,” assumingly for his training or internship.

On Fox & Friends Weekend, Saturday morning, they report that Bello was fired from the hospital for alleged sexual harassment of a co-worker. According to the Washington Post, a doctor who trained Bello at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital said that Bello was problematic as an employee. Dr. David Lazala, a family medicine doctor who trained Bello in his chosen area of medicine, said he received a threatening email from Bello after he was fired. Lazala said that Bello was someone who “was very aggressive, talking loudly, threatening people.”

Bello named two doctors in the email that he blamed for his termination from his job. It is not known if the female doctor who was killed was one of those doctors.

Bello went on this shooting rampage on the top floors of the hospital, with reports from Friday indicating he had covered five floors before his shooting spree ended in his death. According to Fox & Friends Weekend, Bello attempted to light himself on fire before shooting himself. The email sent by Dr. Henry Bello was released by the New York Daily News.

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