Women dies hours after giving birth donates organs

Heart Transplant Survivor Dies Hours After Giving Birth, Her Pledge To Donate Organs Will Save Over 50 Lives

A heart transplant survivor has died hours after giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Megan Johnson was excited after a normal and uncomplicated delivery. She held her baby in her arms, feed her, and burped her. Nathan Johnson, the father, even shared a picture of beaming mother and daughter on the social media. Seven hours later Megan passed away due to unknown complications.

In 2002, Megan was diagnosed with myocarditis, a potentially fatal disease caused by a virus. She was put on medications and advised to discontinue sports. Unfortunately, seven years later the symptoms returned and she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. At only 23 years of age, she had to undergo a heart transplant at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.

Megan survived the transplant and married Nathan a year later. Nathan had announced earlier on Tuesday that “her heart worked perfectly” during the delivery. According to Josh Wilson, a friend of Nathan, the Johnsons were excited and could not sleep. He added that they spent their time with the baby and talked all morning.

However, around 10 a.m., Megan started having complications, and the new mother passed away at around 11 a.m. barely seven hours after giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Josh stated that nothing was wrong before that moment, as reported by People. He added, “It was to the point [after the delivery] where their parents and grandparents said, ‘we are going to go sleep, we will see you in the morning.”

Almost time for Baby E! Also first look at one of our new black doors.

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Wilson clarified that despite her previous condition, doctors had told her that getting pregnant would not be an issue. She was monitored closely throughout her pregnancy and after delivery. The exact cause of death has not been revealed yet. However, doctors have clarified that it was not related to her heart.

According to the American Heart Association, women who have undergone heart transplants could develop complications during pregnancy. Wilson said that Nathan is devastated by his wife’s sudden death. He added that there was a lot of joy because of the wonderful baby girl, but there was also deepest sorrow because of Megan.

Nathan is a Christian music artist and plays in a band called Meaning Machine. His friends and family have started a GoFundMe page to keep Nathan off the roads for at least 6 months. At the time of writing this, $379, 663 had already been donated to care for the food and bills.

The funeral for Megan Moss Johnson will be on Sunday in St. Louis. However, friends and family believe that she will live on for many reasons. Megan was keen on organ donation and as per her wish, all her organs would be donated. Megan’s eyes will help two blind people to see, whereas the rest of her organs will help save over 50 lives.

[Featured Image by Nathan Johnson/Instagram]