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Storage Wars Lawsuit Filed, Star Says He Was Fired For Objecting To Faking Finds

storage wars lawsuit

A Storage Wars lawsuit as followed the termination of one of the show’s stars, who has alleged among other things in court documents that the popular reality TV hit is staging a lot of its content — and let him go from the A&E hit as a result of his objections.

The Storage Wars lawsuit is a “blockbuster” claim filed by ex-show feature Dave Hester, and RadarOnline has posted up some of the details in the sure-to-be contentious legal battle expected after the courtroom drama commences.

In the Storage Wars lawsuit, Hester makes a series of claims alleging that A&E, the show’s network, has deceived viewers by sexing up both the content of lockers on the supposed reality drama as well as the attributes of certain cast members.

According to the site, Los Angeles top attorney Marty Singer is representing Hester in regards to what they say are “numerous bombshell claims,” in what is described as a “five-count multi-million dollar lawsuit.” Radar also notes that in the past, A&E has asserted that Storage Wars is not at all staged or ginned up for ratings.

The post explains:

“Hester says was fired days after meeting with executives and subsequently asking to be indemnified by the show for any third party claims regarding ‘the authenticity of the auction process and the Series.’ … Hester charges … [p]roducers staged entire units and enlisted the cooperation of owners of storage facilities to do so … [t]he show plants items in lockers after having them appraised weeks in advance … [the] show obtains items to be placed in the units from a business regularly featured on air … “

The Supreme Court didn't make a decision Friday

The Storage Wars lawsuit is quoted as alleging:

“The truth is that Defendants regularly salt or plant the storage lockers that are the subject of the auctions portrayed on the Series with valuable or unusual items to create drama and suspense for the show,” the suit alleges.

Do you think the Storage Wars lawsuit is a “bombshell,” or do most viewers expect shows of its type are somewhat staged for entertainment purposes?

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78 Responses to “Storage Wars Lawsuit Filed, Star Says He Was Fired For Objecting To Faking Finds”

  1. Jason Reeher

    So is Storage Wars staged? Yuuuuupp! Am I surprised? Nope. Will I still watch the new season? Yuuuuuppppp!

  2. Michael Ries

    Especially since Hester is gone…And of course the show was staged….When you open a locker and see the brand names of Home Depot covered in duct tape.

  3. DjGabriel Escobar

    Well duhhhhh… When you have the same people bidding and no one else, it kinda tells you right there.

  4. Ken Wagner

    How could anyone not know the show is faked. Who in their right minds would let their unit be auctioned off when they know what is in it. The show is as fake as the boobs on the female "cast" member.

  5. Anonymous

    duh..of course it other bidders ever win outside of the main crew. I spoke with someone who works on this show last year and they verified..

  6. Cuyler Edwards

    As long as the bidders do not know what is in it then I do not have a problem, they still bid blind on a unit not knowing what is inside, it is a gamble, plus I hate Dave Hester, he is a D.I.C.K, will not miss him from the show.

  7. Sharon Montebello

    I bet he was fired for other reasons and this is his excuse! he always acted like a big baby!
    does he honestly think he is telling us anything we did NOT know? how long had he been on the show? is he trying to make us believe he just now found this out! puh-lease!

    barry is the man!

  8. Jen Lightfoot

    Someone awhile ago had taped a show and noticed various things changing in the unit itself. Boxes were all jumbled and then the next view they were all stacked neatly. @Michael – I've noticed that too. Names covered with tape.

  9. Abby Abbott

    They should fire that obnoxious fat b&%$#@d who is always putting down his son and everyone else. He sucks. I can't watch this show any longer because of him.

  10. Denise Bertacchi

    I've always thought it seemed faked when they go through a unit full of ordinary junk then find this one expensive antique in a trash can. Dave always annoyed me with his unfriendly attitude that he was just going to make it expensive for the other buyers. Also, when they go through the junk and rattle off prices of what it's worth, without anyone verifying? I always wanted a follow up episode that showed them SELLING these boxes of crap for thousands of dollars.

  11. Frank Smolen

    Can somebody explain all the profits made just by buying a locker? The only to make money is to actually sell the item to another fool so they could place it another storage locker. Everydoby buys the storage locker junk, but it is never shown if any of the junk sell at a retail store.

  12. Scott Crisp

    Why is he waiting until now to complain. It seems as though he made quite a bit of $$ and got a lot of noteriety from the show, but now wants more $$ from Fox. It's fake? Of course it's fake! Just like Lizzard Lick Towing and the other repo show, they are all staged (to a certain degree) and that has been known for a very long time.

  13. Henry Pilapil

    If you have nothing to watch, this is a good one, you have nothing to lose.

  14. Anonymous

    Hester needs to crawl back under the rock he escaped from. Way too obnoxious for my blood! YUPPPPPPPPPPP!

  15. Derrick Rubin

    Of course the show is staged….TELEVISION IS ONE BIG STAGE….Am I entertained when I watch the show? YES I AM, and I will continue to watch for the entertainment value. Will I begin using my money to buy storage units as an investment vehicle? NOPE. But if I owned a second hand store, I sure would buy storage units to keep stock in it.

  16. Henry Goff

    This guy is a hypocrite moron. For a guy who says the show was faked and has been fired, he sure is milking it for the fame! Or at least attempting to. He was at Kobey's Swap meet in San Diego a few weeks ago, selling mostly junk. Anything that was worth buying was used and priced near retail. Get this, he sells black bumper stickers, hats and shirts that say "Yuuuuuup!" on them. And of course he has the Kobey's announcer tell everyone he's there! LOL! Pathetic! What a an idiot.

  17. Anonymous

    Ive been to storage auctions as well the auctions with the cast members and DAVE IS REAL.
    As real as his personality of a dick hes still the realest and NOT A SELLOUT.
    I have seen fake and staged bidding while they were at the auctions.
    Like all of you hate on DAVE, he was even hated on and threatened by someone from the public one of the times I was there, He was reall to even them and does not back down.

  18. Anonymous

    Explains why the yuppster was hocking goods at local San Diego flea market 2 weeks ago…

  19. Shaun Kroese

    Ok, we are going to settle this once and for all, do I get an offer of 50 dollars, 55 , 60 Yuuuuup 65, 70, 100 Yuuuuup. 200, 250, three hundred, 400 Yuuuuuuup, 600, one thousand, 1020, here, 1500, 1700 yuuuuup, 1850, 2000, 4000, come on folks its a genuine fake and the only series of a kind fo I hear 30,000, 35, Yuuuuup, 50000, fifty five, Yuuupp 60, 65, here, 70, 75000, yuuuup going once for 75, twice "86000 some one yells" Do I hear 87, 90, 95 Yuuuup.
    Going once for a fine of 95, twice for 95 FINED for 96,000. But wait it was 95, Shutup it's all fake. Ok here's your play money. Now open the door, and the door rolls up then there is a cement wall, what the F*$K? Hey Yo, I paid 96K for this? Yuuuuup, we fired the stage help after they found out it was fake. Thanks pal.

  20. Henry Goff

    No kidding. I've seen his junk at Kobey's. The guy is desperate too. Dave Hester Entertainment website? Bumper stickers, hats, and shirts??? The guy is delusional.

  21. Anonymous

    Of course it's FAKE, it's REALITY TV! Pawn Stars is a staged FAKE, so is the Nevada Restoration Show with Rick Dale as is the Counting Cars. All three are inter-linked and run by the same company. Nothing you see is true and everything is staged. One show feeds off the other and it is pure staged bunk!
    I am not sure about American Pickers but suspect it is also staged and the Jr. vs Senior Motorcycle show which was recently cancelled was probably staged too. There is no REALITY in REALITY TV folks!
    Reality TV is a way the producers maximize their profit margin because it costs so little to put the shows on. It will stop when the PUBLIC DEMANDS quality back in their television viewing and not before!

  22. Anonymous

    I will say this that I work at a storage and they have gone to our facility and will be there again this Thursday but they do not appraise and look what is in the lockers we only give them count on how many will be selling.

  23. Stew Leonard

    There is no such thing as an unstaged reality show. These are more informative than anything, like Pawn Stars. Some of these shows the acting is SOOOOOO bad, even in storage wars.

  24. Roger Young

    Does that mean Finding Bigfoot is fake too? I hope not, because I really want to see Bobo find Bigfoot!

  25. Jerri Harjo

    The Show is like a Pasture. You can put any old Jackass in it. Maybe the next one won't be quite a obnoxious. Just plenty of annoying.

  26. Mark Mitzel

    Of course it is stage. It has ruined the business for others that used to make a living doing this and makes people think they can get rich doing it which is a joke.

  27. Cindy Lefler

    well he did'nt seem to mind for the last couple years when he was making money. he is such an asshole. if anybody thought it was all real they are as dumb as hester. get rid of the idiot, I want my storage wars without the puke. I love the show and barry's quips crack me up. GO STORAGE WARS, and hester you go too, far away from the show.

  28. Steve Wines

    He is not gonna get paid anymore. He gets 15+ thousand per episode. Of course one can overpay on units when you are starting with free money.

  29. Vince Johnson

    Not surprised… There's no way to make a show out of something as boring as trolling storage lockers into a TV show without faking it.

  30. Bernice Hansen


  31. Anonymous

    Surprise Surprise as Gomer would say…All the reality shows are fake……Its like Wrestling.

  32. A Victor Garaffa

    It's not just this show. The Price Is Right is so often wrong that it amazes anyone they can getaway with it. A $280 two waffle, waffle maker? A $40,000 VW? And trips to Mexico where tourists are literally losing their heads? Television is the biggest scam of all. The Wheel of Fortune where contestants get the answer to a riddle with only 2 letters out of 40? And the list goes on….. Pickers, bunch of junk dealers, with the 'trasurers they come across like a 1929 motorcycle in a junk dump? Puhleeeeese…..

  33. Dave Daniels

    Wow, a "reality show" that turns out to be fake and misleading? Imagine that? LoL. I always knew they planted these things in the units to pump up the show, how else would they find rare civil war coins boxed with 100 lbs of gold buillon inside a unit containing rolls of wallpaper from the 70's and a rusted push mower? I know ALL of these reality shows are fakes and frauds (The towing show with the fat bitch, Mexican and Bald meathead being the worst) but I enjoy brandi's tits and the fighting between hester and the rest. Id like to see some changes in how they do these shows though:

    1. Storage wars- I want to see jared discover a sex tape with brandi and Dave Hester filmed secretly at their store after hours inside one of his newly aquired lockers.
    2. Gold Rush- One Miner sneaks into the tents and slits the throats of the other miners after their final tally is announced and makes off with the bounty.
    3. Shipping Wars- Jennifer and Robbie team up and french kiss on every run.
    4. Operation repo- The fat bitch falls into a ditch and gets wedged in and they have to unhook a repo to pull her fat ass out. Matt gets testicular cancer from the roids and the Mexican gets busted by ICE.
    5. Intervention- George Bush makes a guest appearence as someone hopelessly addicted to lying, cheating and stealing from his country and Dick Cheney plays his "enabler".
    6. Locked up Abroad- George Bush once again plays someone who's arrested, locked up and tortured trying to enter Iraq on a second honeymoon.
    7. Keeping up with the Kardashians. While the ENTIRE family is asleep after their huge Xmas dinner special a house fire rips through their home, killing everyone and melting Bruce's face.
    8. Paris Hilton- Was a guest of the Kardashians over Xmas.
    9. Real Housewives- Sorry, ladies, REAL Housewives do REAL HOUSEWORK. Other than Kylie Richards who is a massive piece of ass they all visit Afghanistan to entertain the troops then are blown to bits by a suicide bomber wearing a Justin beiber t-shirt.
    10. Jersey Shores- They are filming a holiday special riding the rollercoaster when Hurricane Sandy hit.

  34. Anonymous

    I think when you are dealing with an individual that's has shown that he is a douche bag whether initially beneficial to both parties…You have to remember its a matter of time before the douche bag shows his true colors…..This action was easily anticipated.

  35. Jerri Zimmerman Wood

    My Mom loves this show and lives to hate Dave Hester. I wouldn't be surprised if lockers were salted or primed for the big finds or to hear that they edit the auctions to only highlight the thrill of the bid.

  36. Lawrence Hansen

    One more reason I feel justified in cancelling my tv satellite. Our house is much more peaceful now that the ubuquitous noise and nonsence is gone

  37. Anonymous

    I watched an episode one time the camera showed the locker all messed up then camera showed the same area the boxes where stacked even and all nice looking of course its staged.sumone has to get into the lockers to set the cameras right lol.

  38. Anonymous

    he's supposed to act like a douche bag lol is what he gets paid to do.its tv duuuuuuuhh.

  39. Anonymous

    yes abby that is ur right if u dont sumthing on tv then dont watch it.

  40. Karen Gainer

    reality TV…well kinda sorta,,,, they have to make the finds fun and exciting….and no I really didn't thing all those great finds just happened…some are staged and some are for real…one thing I know for sure Dave Hester is an ass no ifs ands or butts! It's a fun show,,,, lighten up Dave you made money off of the show,,, they paid you per show…what are you bitchin about…no one takes you seriously…yuuuuuuup.

  41. Jim DeFord

    All these shows use faked, contrived and staged sequences. Some more than others. From Deadliest Catch to food this/that, to the various singing/dancing shows, to Pawn this/that. They ALL do it and in many cases it's extremely obvious. Just like the Internet, just because it's on TV does not make it real or true.

  42. Christine Gallegos

    Who cares.. I only watch it because I like Barry :o).
    Everyone else on there is just plain ole white trash.

  43. Sherry Golden

    Alright "CRY BABY" IS GONE! The show will be better off without him and his Bad Attitude! I'm sure Dave know all about the show and them staging if they do or not, when he started, So does he deserve a law suit for millions? Hack "NO!" It's his bad mouth that got him fired! He thinks he better then everyone, but You suck Dave! It will be a better show with out him! Threw the Law suit out the door! Judge, please don't give him a dam! Did he read his contract? "NO MONEY FOR DAVE!" Know to get reed of Darrell, he stinks, and is so mean to his son!

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