Steph Curry Becomes Very Rich After New Deal With Warriors

NBA Free Agent Steph Curry Signs New 5-Year Deal With Golden State Warriors

There was never any real chance that Steph Curry would leave the Golden State Warriors, but with the NBA free agency period starting, some fans were still nervous. There was nothing for fans to worry about, though, as ESPN reported that the Warriors inked Curry to a huge five-year deal worth $201 million. There is no player option involved in this NBA free agent contract.

It almost seems amazing to think about this deal. Steph Curry led the Golden State Warriors to an NBA Championship two years ago and then worked with Kevin Durant to bring a second title to the franchise this past season. Steph has also won two MVP Awards and might be one of the best shooters in NBA history.

Steph Curry was very underpaid for the Golden State Warriors, especially when considering the contributions he has made for the team. The Warriors were paying Steph on a four-year deal worth $44 million, with an average salary of $11 million a season.

In comparison, Kevin Durant was working under a two-year deal worth $54 million, at an average of $27.1 million a season. One reason that the Golden State Warriors were able to ink this new Steph Curry contract was that Durant agreed to opt out of his contract and plans to sign back on for less money to allow the team to make moves like this.

Both Klay Thompson (four years, $68.9 million) and Draymond Green (five years, $82 million) made more than Steph Curry despite the fact that Curry was the former two-time MVP for the Warriors.

Steph Curry Becomes Very Rich After New Deal With Warriors
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While Steph Curry more than deserves this new NBA contract, this move will cost the Golden State Warriors a very important piece of their NBA Championship puzzle. Andre Iguodala, the superstar sixth man for the Warriors, is meeting with other teams, as the NBA free agency period begins.

According to Bleacher Report, Iguodala will first meet with the San Antonio Spurs, something that might hurt the Golden State Warriors in more ways than one. If Iguodala joins San Antonio, the Warriors lose a valuable sixth man and one of their toughest competitors will pick him up.

Steph Curry Becomes Very Rich After New Deal With Warriors
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With Steph Curry now signed to the new five-year, $201 million contract, the Golden State Warriors will probably sign Kevin Durant to a new deal before doing anything else once the NBA free agent signing period starts.

The new Steph Curry contract with the Golden State Warriors will keep their big four together as they try to fend off teams like the Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Houston Rockets, who are all trying to build their own super teams as well.

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