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Did Halle Berry Say She ‘Loves’ That Jay-Z Dissed Her Cheating Ex, Eric Benet?

Halle Berry reportedly loves the fact that Jay-Z called out her ex-husband Eric Benet on his new song “Kill Jay-Z” for cheating. At least that’s according to a new article published by Hollywood Life which claims that Berry told a friend that she “loves” the song.

The insider allegedly said that Halle “thinks it’s hilarious he cracked on Eric about his cheating,” adding that his infidelity hurt Halle and “ruined” their marriage.

Here’s what Jay-Z rapped about Halle Berry’s ex-husband:

“You almost went Eric Benet

Let the baddest girl in the world get away

I don’t even know what else to say

N*gga, never go Eric Benet!”

Although it’s easy to imagine Halle Berry loving the song that blasts her philandering ex, Gossip Cop, a site that’s known for debunking celebrity rumors, is claiming that the story is completely false.

According to Gossip Cop, their sources have said that Halle hasn’t said a word about the song and the Eric Benet mention. So, there’s a chance that she may not have heard it yet or she may be keeping her reaction to herself.

As for Eric Benet, he seems pretty tickled that he was mentioned on Jay-Z’s first album in a couple years. Benet, who is now married, tweeted at the rapper that his wife is the “baddest girl in the world” to him.

“Hey yo #Jayz! Just so ya know, I got the baddest girl in the world as my wife….like right now!” he tweeted.

He also spoke about the news that he was name-dropped by Jay-Z with USA Today.

“All of a sudden I start getting texts from homies and whoever, and then the Twitter thing happened, and it’s quite an interesting process,” he said. “But it’s all love…everything he makes is always fire, and once again he did not disappoint. It’s kind of unreal being mentioned in his lyrics, but like I said, it’s all love.”

The R&B singer added that he was happy to hear that the song he’s mentioned on is about personal growth.

“He’s talking about some deep stuff on the song, how he needs to be a better man for Blue and he went through it…and personally, I’m just happy to see that he and Beyonce made it through on the other side, and everything is dope.”

Jay-Z, also known as Sean Carter, put out his 13th studio album 4:44 on June 29. The album, which some are already calling his best work in several years, touches on a wide range of topics including infidelity in his marriage to Beyonce, his mother’s same-sex relationship, generational wealth, and his overall growth as a human being.


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