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Obamacare Fee? Whopping $63 Tax May Hit Workers

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Commentary | An “Obamacare fee” being buzzed about on the web today may not be as scary as it sounds at first — an annual $63 fee that may be passed on to workers, or a calculated cost of $5.25 a month.

The Obamacare fee getting all the attention this morning is a provision to help cover people with pre-existing conditions who had previously been essentially barred from receiving coverage due to strict regulations now loosened by Obamacare’s new restrictions.

The $63 Obamacare fee is actually temporary and continues to decline until it is phased out entirely in 2017, the Denver Post reports.

According to a report on the terrifying new Obamacare fee, it will stick around for three years starting the year after next and will enable the millions of Americans unable to previously purchase insurance to begin participating in the insurance system the rest of us enjoy:

“The Obama administration says it is a temporary assessment levied for three years starting in 2014, designed to raise $25 billion. It starts at $63 and then declines … Most of the money will go into a fund administered by the Health and Human Services Department. It will be used to cushion health-insurance companies from the initial hard-to-predict costs of covering uninsured people with medical problems. Under the law, insurers will be forbidden from turning away the sick as of Jan. 1, 2014.”

Predictably, the $63 Obamacare fee has whipped the #tcot faction on Twitter into a frenzy. Admittedly, they’re an easily frenzied cabal. Some have tweeted:

For me personally, the cost of one drink at Starbucks a month to cover everyone makes the new “Obamacare fee” seem less threatening, but not everyone feels the same way about steps toward universal health coverage.

Do you think the new Obamacare fee is an unfair imposition on Americans?

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109 Responses to “Obamacare Fee? Whopping $63 Tax May Hit Workers”

  1. Anonymous

    It's just 17¢ per day… less than 1¢ per hour… practically nothing per minute or per second. Virtually free! Like magic almost! Obama is magic! Our Lord and Savior!

  2. Glenn Kirkland

    You asked for it, America, when you reelected that poor excuse for a President. Like the old Toyota commercial used to chant, "you asked for it, you got it." Now, cancel or downgrade your television to a set of HD rabbit ears and live with it!

  3. Cindy McGrath

    Seems a small price to pay for helping our fellow Americans. Many other countries have taken care of their own better than we have.

  4. Anonymous

    More propaganda. When has a government fee ever gone away, or grown smaller over time? What was the income tax rate when it was first initiated, to pay for World War I? It is just more smoke and mirrors to distract the sheeple from the other fees of Obamacare IMHO. And wait until they start taxing you on your employer health care benefits, you really don't think they are putting the value of health insurance on your pay stubbs for nothing, do you? Socialism is based on lies, just look at Cuba, or the former Soviet Union. Keep drinking the kool aid sheeple.

  5. Kitty Girlwrtv

    Here we go….I'm sure it will eventually be phased out (rolling my eyes). You idiots who voted for Obama for a second term will regret it someday.

  6. Kitty Girlwrtv

    Sorry, Cindy. It's not my place to help others. They should help themselves.

  7. Deborah Perry

    Yep – just what was needed – one more 'surprise, surprise, surprise' fee at the end of the day. What the h—; didn't want to eat anyway.

  8. Bill Redd

    Does anyone other than the obozo enablers believe for one second that this is temporary? If you do you probably voted for obozo and are waiting for your free lunch and cell phone.

  9. Andy Trimble

    LOL @ only $63. This is just the start of more and more "uncovering" of new taxes in this law. The report says this will decrease until it disappears in 2017. Do you actually believe this gubmint will eliminate a tax? Ever?

    If you do, you are delusional.

  10. Anonymous

    I voted Romney, but I don't disagree with this. It's 5 bucks a month to help people who cant get insurance. My wife got denied insurance because of an abnormal pap. I don't think that she should be declined because of that. So this doesn't seem so bad if it's done the right way.

  11. Aaron Dean Darnell

    Cindy, I agree partially. We do desperately need to help our neighbors (all of them, not just the ones next door), but we don't need to enable them. That doesn't help. Let's stop handing out free goodies (like cell phones) and start some work experience programs. Let's give opportunities, not hand outs. That's how you really make a difference.

  12. Buddy Edward Cosner

    Thank God for the govt.without it I would have to work. Nothing like govt, cheese and free food, thank you to all tax payers. What are you giving me for Christmas.

  13. Barbara Allen

    For all whiners and complainers–$63–I pay more for bringing television into my home each month–sheesh.

  14. Jeff Scharfenberg

    Wonderful so I get to pay for the people who refuse to get insurance! But I'm sure they're wearing the top of line shoes and have the best cell phones that costs hundreds of dollars, but insurance? NOOOOO the government will pay for that… Which means ALL OF US WILL!
    Obama is killing this country!

  15. Thomas Juarez

    What Starbucks does this writer go to? $63 the cost for one drink? There are many ways one can rationalize these taxes, but saying that normal people pay $63 for one drink is insane…not even rich people pay that much at starbucks…in a day! LOSER!

  16. Anonymous

    Why are liberals so short-sighted, do you really think people are that dumb? This is just the first $5.25 a month, until the next fee and the next fee and the next fee and the next fee.

    The fees are not going to stop, they'll either be charged up front or rolled into your policy.

  17. Ellen J. Monteleone

    I did not vote for this moron. Why should I foot the bill?

  18. Anonymous

    futralux … then why don't all of you "compassionate" ones cover other people's insurance. That's because liberals are always generous … with other people's money

  19. Dominique Prime Heart

    I personally am all for it. I love helping out the next man because I value another human life way more than money. I work hard for my money, and I am proud to say I voted for Obama. Every president taxes you, the key is finding one that will allocate the money to the right places. I am all for this 100%.

  20. Anonymous

    That's right Barbara … you are paying for a service that you are using, but since you're so generous, maybe you want to pay for my cable too. Probably not, but it's only $63 a month.

  21. Will Louden

    $5.25 per month is not that big of a deal. Besides, it not only goes to "help those who cannot help themselves' like many of those selfish uniformed idiots out there think, it will also help you. FYI, most insurance companies will not pay for what they consider a pre-exisitng condition. They also do not pay for many services that doctors want to prescribe. Take cough medicines, most doctors in my area (a major medical hub) won't prescribe cough medicine due to the fact that insurances won't cover it. So, we have to pay for it ourselves and guess what, for a family of 4, if they are all needing it at once like many familes do, sharing germs and all, IT COSTS MORE THAN 5.25 per month. If you have cancer that was determined to be pre-existing, guess what? Insurance generally won't cover it. Insurance companies are a big reason why we are in the spot we are in, they think about their bottom line. Companies that will have to pay this will have a big expense up front but will more than make up for it in sales or profits overall. Papa John's for instance, at 63 dollars an employee it would cost them a little over 1 million a year to pay for the plan. They sell an estimated 17 million pizzas per year. If they raise their rates by 10 cents per pizza and they would actually make a little more money than they do now. It is not the end of the world, nor is it a perfect pan. However, it is an attempt to make the quality of life for ALL Americans better.

  22. Gerald L. Jones

    Suck it up suckers! Since the majority wanted this liberal and his programs then you, the majority will pay the price. I love it. In fact, lets double the cost!

  23. Jo Ann Varda

    Why are health insurance companies in this country allowed to make exorbitant profits? We are the only country in the industrialized world that allows this. Capitalism at its worst!

  24. Will Louden

    The writer was talking over the course of a year. $5.25 per month… That is right around what a Starbucks cost.

  25. Mark Waddell

    key word……. WORKERS, this means free for all the takers of the U.S. BLACKIES, TACO HEADS, ASIANS, YOU KNOW ALL THE FREE LOADERS, OBUNGHOLE GOTCHA.

  26. Joey Fulton

    how cheap are you people for complaing about a whole five to ten bucks a month that way everybody can get healthcare when needed, I swear americans can be so cheap and careless.

  27. Kitty Girlwrtv

    I regret having you and the other liberals sponging off me, futralux.

  28. Kitty Girlwrtv

    futralux…not all of us who hate Obama are wealthy. I'm far from it, in fact, with all the deductions you liberals have imposed on me, I am closer to lower class now than middle class.

  29. Kitty Girlwrtv

    I pay for my own healthcare and I only clear $377.00 a week at my job. I'm tired of helping the others.

  30. Kitty Girlwrtv

    Wow! Another stupid liberal. I guess you like Socialism better. (rolling eyes).

  31. Kitty Girlwrtv

    Yeah, Barbara, pay for my Dish Network. I pay $26.00 a month for it. That's all I can afford, next time I will have to buy rabbit ears so all you stupid liberals can have health insurance.

  32. Holly Lynn Johnson

    Some of us don't go to starbucks once a month. That $63 dollars is going to hurt. Plus we live in California. Sales tax going up to 9% in some areas. There are so many other "hidden fees/taxes" in Ocare there will not be enough money for a family to put food on the table. I tried to warn my friends and family who voted for O , that this would happen. Govenrment stealin your money. They didn't believe me (their own family member who has never lied to them has help them through tough times…..) They believed him instead.

  33. Billie Devine

    I'm not a hood rat, hoochie, I don't have any children nor am I on welfare and I don't live off the government. I happen to work for a small company that does not offer medical insurance. Maybe you should get off your high horse and stop judging everyone.

  34. Candi Schaaf

    In a way, I already have to pay for other people to have cable. I don't know the rules in other states, but in my state, cable is provided in welfare assisted housing. It is considered a need for them to have basic cable, not a luxury. I know of a person on welfare who has three kids and can't even bother to go to Goodwill to get them decent clothes. She gets assistance for her 3-bedroom apartment and gets daycare paid for so the kids are hardly ever at home. And with those savings she's driving a car that's no older than 5 years (my car is over 20 years old), has a new smartphone every year, and buys the newest game consoles to plop the kids in front of. Also, for those that are complaining about paying this $63, also keep in mind that you're already paying for insurance for kids and mothers on welfare. And they have dental and eyecare included in their insurance handout, which is better than most people I know, including me.

  35. Bonnie Miller

    Tax Broward Accounting Don't forget those "statistics" are real people.

  36. Jarred Fouché

    I used to care about helping my fellow American…but the extreme misuse of govt aid, handouts and such have made me decide that I have zero interest in fronting anyone else's bills, ergo even 5 dollars a month is something that I don't want to donate. The sheer amount of laziness in this country is staggering…and when someone else is doing the work for you, it makes people even lazier. I wish the government did all my work for me, so I could have a nice car and free food…

  37. Holly Lynn Johnson

    Thats great that you want to help out the next man and that you value another human life way more than money. Exaust everything YOU own for that (your house, your money, your time, your life) BUT Don't FORCE ME or anyone else to do the same because YOU believe its the right thing to do.

  38. Holly Lynn Johnson

    When you add up all the "fees" which are a tax it comes to a huge bill. I have my own family to feed right now. That is not being cheep or careless. If you want to help the man next to you who can't afford healthcare, do it. Exaust your own funds. You be the person to give everything you have off your back. Just don't force me to do the same because you believe its a good thing.

  39. Anonymous

    Obamby says no insurance Co. can turn down anyone so instead the rates will be so high they wont be able to buy insurance any way. STUPID OBAMBY. Lets put Obamby and ALL politicians on OBAMBY care!

  40. Anonymous

    People who work low paying jobs are really going to be screwed. First, their hours will be cut to less than 30 so employers will not have to insure them, then they will be socked with another tax. 5 bucks does not sound like a lot, but when you are hardly making any money how it is, living paycheck to paycheck and now they are going to have to buy insurance to boot. Thank you Obama…and all you nuts who voted for him.

  41. Jim N Sue Payne

    obamacare fair? Fair vanished long ago. This "tax" is what nObama said he wouln't do. He lied again. Plain and simple another dose of re-distribution. The government steals (taxes) to maintain the voteof those who vote for a living.

  42. Ellen J. Monteleone

    "If done the right way" is the key. Obama could have just mandated that insurance companies should not turn away people with pre-existing conditions and fine them if they violated this mandate. No need for everyone working for an honest living, to pay up.

  43. King Kyle Giles

    the comments on here are depressing… you individuals blasting our President should read the article and think about what it actually says.

  44. Jim N Sue Payne

    Robert, you can return it for a full refund………………………NOT

  45. King Kyle Giles

    and for those of you how say "i didn't vote for this" well AMERICA DID! get on bored or get out. the intelligent community had to deal with a dumb president from 2000-2008, the dummies need to deal with an intelligent president from 2008-2016.

  46. Ellen J. Monteleone

    There are other worthy causes to spend my $5 on. Not on lazy ass, opputunistic losers, who by choice, do not have health insurance!

  47. Monique Edwards

    Mr. Don Crabb, what if we said the same thing about Social Security and Medicare and said not my dime for their care. I could certainly use ALL of my check but I don't mind when it is for the common good. I'm not saying the government pay everyone's way but there are things that can be cut like corporate welfare, and government salaries but no one seems to see the logic in that. If we had all that money that was spent on both sides of the election, we would be doing great. People are spending where they want to spend. Lobbyists have no trouble spending millions during an election but let some people who need medical get some benefits and people are all up in arms. There's something wrong with this.

  48. Holly Lynn Johnson

    Yeah intelligent. I will give you credit for that. So intelligent to be able to steal money from you without you knowing it. Great way to bring another black man down. He is all up in your pocket and you are OK with it. Just in case you didn't know taxes and or a "fee" is stealing your money

  49. Carol McDonald Litchford

    No, it will NEVER phase out. We did not start out paying the Medicare tax that we all enjoy having taking from our payroll taxes each month either.

  50. David Lauer

    Another conservative idiot. "Whopping fee" that amounts to one Latte PER MONTH! You conservatives are really something. We need to find you your own island – how about one of those ice shelves in Antarctica that is melting due to the non-existent global warming?

  51. Mike Black

    If we could go there and be sure you would follow when you find out how well we are doing without you we would go gladly.

  52. 玄同緒雲

    If you only make ~$1500 a month, your own health care is about to be subsidized and you will be one of the "moochers". I think you have a twisted view of your status in this system.

  53. Ted Griffin

    You conservatives don't understand that it costs us all more in insurance premiums and fees to cover the health problems of un insured people than the extra fees for Obamacare will cost us in the long run. You either pay a little more now with Obamacare or a lot more without it because of uninusred people draining the entire system over time with their health problems which are inevitable. Two bitter pills. Obamacare is less bitter.

  54. Ted Griffin

    Also Obamacare is a good return on your investment. Its not as if you're never gonna get anything back for the money you put into it, unless you're a robot and even robots need parts.

  55. Peggy Inman Wilson

    To David Lauer…You look like one of those hippy baby boomers… the ones that are running the show their in DC… All your minds were messed up on drugs back in the 60s… thank God I born at the tail end of that era… Or I would be as messed up as you all are…. you guys never did know when to and when NOT to, to support our government…

  56. Peggy Inman Wilson

    anyone notice how this was kept a secret until AFTER the elections?… And here Obama was the one saying that Romney wouldn't tell us his plans…. sounds like someone should have looked in the mirror….

  57. Peggy Inman Wilson

    looks young and foolish… good intentions… wrong motivations… wait and see what he says when the fee is actually hiked instead of being reduced…. been in the military…. been there… done that… and still doing it…

  58. Peggy Inman Wilson

    you know how you can help someone without being taxed to death?… Go put the money in the Salvation Army red kettle… give to your local missions outreach programs… give to a local food bank… get the picture?

  59. Peggy Inman Wilson

    And I can tell that you are a liberal… you don't mind spending money recklessly…. $5.25 for a cup of jo when you can make it in your own home for pennies????

  60. Jim Stevens

    "To help cushion the blow to Insurance Companys" Obama's the biggest fraud of all. He's for the everyday guy on the street? I don't care if it is just $63, he's giving it to the richest people in the world. INSURANCE COMPANYS. Obama is "The Reverse Robinhood" and Black Bush.

  61. King Kyle Giles

    so… Holly…. is that the definition of "tax" and "fee"??
    and Peggy, ok, i did misuse the word "bored" when i should have used the word "board". however, dont redirect or devalue the point i made by pointing out obvious irrelevant mistakes in my statement. you know what i meant and it doesnt make my statement any less true.

  62. Patricia McKenney

    It is $63 on top of the massive premium increases experienced since 2010. Y insurance has gone up 18% in 2011, 2012, and
    22% for 2013. When does it end.

  63. Terri Lynn Coop

    You aren't paying for "anyone to have Obamacare." Actually, the fee is going into a fund to shore up the private insurance industry that everyone was screaming that the president wanted to destroy.

  64. Terri Lynn Coop

    And what does that have to do with a fund that will help shore up private insurance companies? Well, they are kind of shady hood-rats . . .

  65. Terri Lynn Coop

    The only one "sponging" off of you is the private insurance industry. They are the only ones who will benefit from this fund. At least direct your inchoate rage at the correct target.

  66. Terri Lynn Coop

    Did you even read the article? The fund is to shore up insurance companies. It doesn't get insurance for anyone. It protects the precious private insurance industry (that everyone screamed the president was destroying) from being harmed by having to insure people with pre-existing conditions. At least focus your tinfoil hat induced rage at the correct target.

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