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Behind-The-Scenes Drama Continues As ‘Southern Charm’ Producer Is Sued For Assault

Fans of Southern Charm watched the season wind down on Monday, but as usual, the behind-the-scenes Southern Charm drama is far more interesting. This time, a new lawsuit has been filed against the show’s Executive Producer, Bryan Kestner, which now involves cast members Jennifer Snowden, Whitney Sudler-Smith, and Thomas Ravenel. Dawn Price is Bryan Kestner’s former fiancee, and she is suing him for a series of assaults. Price has come forward in the hope that her story might help other women pursue charges against their attackers.

Dawn Price with involved with Southern Charm before the launch of the show, and she had partnered with Executive Producer Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith when the project was still called Southern Gentleman. The original Southern Gentleman sizzle reel told the story of a bunch of Peter Pans in Charleston living a playboy lifestyle, but Bravo wasn’t interested in a show about men, and women were added to the show.

During the time Kestner worked with show creator Whitney Sudler-Smith, Dawn Price was supporting him, and he had signed agreements promising her half of the profits for all of his projects, which includes Southern Charm Savannah and Southern Charm New Orleans. All of the work for the projects was done on Price’s computer, including the original pitch for Southern Gentleman, including the Southern Gents Bible and the doomed restaurant with Whitney Sudler-Smith that was to be called Generalissimo.

Dawn Price with Cameran Eubanks, Jennifer Snowden, and Kathryn Dennis.

The lawsuit filed by Dawn Price against Southern Charm Executive Producer Bryan Kestner is a civil suit, which stems from his guilty plea for criminal domestic violence. Two main events were referenced in the case, including one in which Nancy Snowden, the mother of Southern Charm cast member Jennifer Snowden, intervened on Price’s behalf and was also then allegedly assaulted by Kestner for interfering.

“December 1, 2011, on the sidewalk of Washington Street. There, Kestner is alleged to have ‘struck (Price) with a closed fist on or about her face resulting in a laceration on the bridge of her nose as well as significant swelling over her right eye.'”

Price was devastated that Nancy Snowden was also injured and said she was grateful that Snowden risked her life to help.

“If Nancy Snowden hadn’t intervened on my behalf, I don’t know what would have happened.”

While with Bryan Kestner, Dawn Price not only had to listen to rants in reference to their relationship but Kestner regularly complained about working with Whitney Sudler-Smith and Thomas Ravenel because he thought he brought all of the talent and ideas to Southern Charm.

Dawn Price with Cooper Ray from Southern Charm.

Price claims that Kestner regularly complained about Whitney and Thomas, which makes it odd that during the rough times, Bryan Kestner is alleged to have lived with Southern Charm cast members Whitney Sudler-Smith and Thomas Ravenel at their homes in Charleston, South Carolina. In her lawsuit, Price is seeking a trial by a jury of her peers in Charleston on the claims of pain and suffering and emotional distress. She is seeking damages for the assault and for the money he borrowed and did not pay back.

Dawn Price has filed a lawsuit against Southern Charm Executive Producer Bryan Kestner previously based on the claim that he defrauded her out of a large sum of money connected to the failed restaurant project, Generalissimo, with Bravo’s Whitney Sudler-Smith. Fans might remember that Whitney mentioned the project to his mother, Patricia Altschul, who encouraged him to work with Kestner. Price claimed that she is due these funds because Kestner had no money and was living off of her. At that time he signed a promissory note, promising to pay Kestner back.

“When I met Bryan in June of 2011 he was staying at Whitney (Sudler-Smith)’s place because he didn’t have a dollar to his name. He was living with me within a couple of months. He didn’t have a car, a job … nothing. He was going to start caddying at Kiawah. I was paying for everything. He held off on the job because we were moving to Jacksonville together. When the incident happened in October of 2011, I paid for his attorney. He wanted to run to Florida but I told him if he did that he could never come back to South Carolina. At that point, (Southern Charm)’s sizzle reel hadn’t even been filmed.”


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The restaurant project, which was to be called Generalissimo, which was at first delayed and is now defunct, was thought to be in trouble after Bryan Kestner was arrested on charges of urinating behind a dumpster in Charleston and then found to be found in possession of cocaine paraphernalia. Kestner claimed the drugs and equipment weren’t his, and he had borrowed the jacket “from a friend.” Price claims that the jacket was borrowed from a Southern Charm cast member, and fans “would be incorrect in assuming it belonged to Thomas Ravenel.” Ravenel had previously spent time in prison for cocaine possession.

Southern Charm Executive Producer Bryan Kestner is still said to be leasing a place in Charleston and living part-time with Whitney Sudler-Smith. Dawn Price has moved on and left Charleston to continue her successful career in finance. She wants other women to know that anyone can find themselves in an abusive relationship and there is no shame in coming forward and getting help. Price says she had never been in an abusive relationship prior to Kestner or since.

Are you surprised that Whitney Sudler-Smith and Southern Charm still do business with Bryan Kestner based on his guilty plea and legal problems?

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