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‘Snapchat Sluts’ Hit The Internet On New Website

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You might consider this to be a Snapchat fail that was completely predictable.

The mobile app designed to allow users to share pictures that disappear mere seconds later is finding itself the basis of a pretty racy internet site.

Snapchat Sluts is a brand new website devoted exclusively to giving viewers a peek at some of the naughty photos often taken by fans of the app.

The site was created on Monday by party photographer Kirill Bichutsky and features a staggering array of amateur nude shots taken with Snapchat. The pictures you’ll find here are submitted willingly, and all participants must be over the age of 18.

According to Gawker, the idea for the website was born from an open call for submissions posted on Bichutsky’s Twitter account. In an interview with the news outlet, he gave a fairly blunt description of the process.

“I was bored in a hotel room in Miami and decided to see how many girls would be willing to show me their t*ts,” Bichutsky explained.

The outpouring of pictures he received could be seen as proof that the Snapchat app is being used in ways not intended by its creators. This raises concerns from parents in a time when sexting among youth is a growing problem.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel continues to stand behind the app in the face of rising concern.

He told the Business Insider:

“I think with any new product that’s difficult to understand there are always lots of questions and criticism. I think we have all the right criticism. We’re just going to keep executing on what we believe.”

How do you feel about websites like Snapchat Sluts?

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4 Responses to “‘Snapchat Sluts’ Hit The Internet On New Website”

  1. Ken Hewitt

    I agree 100% with the concept of this site. If you're idiot enough to "share" pictures of yourself naked, then you deserve whatever consequences happen. Period. Unfortunately, I predict some Feminazi watchdog group will rise up all OFFENDED and lawsuits will commence, and Snapchat Sluts will eventually cave to pressure. Enjoy it while it lasts, I say!

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