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Meredith Vieira Coming Back To ‘General Hospital’


Meredith Vieira was a guest star in ABC’s hit soap opera General Hospital nearly ten years ago, and now the former Today co-anchor is set to make her return.

Vieira will once again be playing the role of Bree Flanders who, last we saw, was the owner of an upscale escort service. In a recent interview with TV Guide Magazine, Vieira revealed that Flanders has straightened up her life a bit.

Flanders out of the prostitution business now, Vieira tells the publication, and will be revealed to be the Senior VP of Marketing at CoeCoe Cosmetics. Along with Vieira, Lynn Herring will also be returning to the show as Lucy Coe.

“Sabrina and Felix are desperately trying to get a meeting with Lucy but first they have to go through me,” Vieira tells TV Guide Magazine. “But, really, not much has changed for Bree. Prostitution. Makeup. Hey, it’s all sales.”

When asked what got Flanders out of the sex business, Vieira had this to say:

“Bree probably saw the writing on the wall. She’s getting older. Or maybe the law was on her a**. Heidi Fleiss wound up doing a reality show, didn’t she? Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Vieira’s upcoming appearance on General Hospital, scheduled for Friday, December 14, is part of a crossover of sorts between the soap and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Next year, General Hospital stars Jason Thompson (Patrick), Ian Buchanan (Duke, Faison), and Finola Hughes (Anna) are scheduled to appear on the game show.

Are you looking forward to Vieira’s return to General Hospital?

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14 Responses to “Meredith Vieira Coming Back To ‘General Hospital’”

  1. Sonia Ouellette

    WRONG…actually unlike working with matt…she will ENJOY THIS…she also still does her other BIG show…..glad she is coming back..MATT ON THE OTHER HAND CAN ROT SOMEWHERE.HE IS JUST A LOSER!!!!

  2. Robert Dungan

    I would lick the hide off of this little cougar's sweetest parts.

  3. Phillip Coonradt

    yes i work Jeff.I am laying low these days staying out of trouble. hows life been going your way.I only watch soaps cause their on the t.v at least this one has gangsters.

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