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Ice-T Disrespected: CoCo Austin Apologizes For Racy Photos

CoCo Austin

CoCo Austin said Ice-T was essentially disrespected by the naughty photos she took with another man, according to US Weekly.

The Law & Order: SVU star wasn’t exactly thrilled with the photos of his wife that recently popped up on Instagram. The rapper said he felt “like sh*t” after the images began making the rounds on various social networking sites. The pictures have since been deleted.

In an effort to soothe the tensions this incident has caused, CoCo Austin publicly apologized for disrespecting her husband.

Ice-T’s wife of 11 years had this to say about the Instagram photos:

“Ice is right, the pics I took with this man were in poor taste & I disrespected my husband. However the pics were the only thing that happened. I feel so sad. The bottom line is I love Ice and I can understand why he’s upset,” she added. “There’s no excuse for my actions. I’m so sorry baby and to everyone.”

According to the Daily Mail, the offending images found CoCo getting close with rapper AP.9. One photo shows the musician kissing Ice-T’s wife on the cheek, while another finds his face buried in her neck. Needless to say, Austin’s hubby wasn’t a happy camper.

Ice-T posted the following comments on Twitter after the images went public:

“Most of [the pics are] disrespectful and in bad taste. She’s made me look and feel like sh*t. ‘I say this on Twitter because there’s no way to avoid the obvious misconduct of a married couple.That’s it. Any more questions ask [my wife].”

Fans shouldn’t worry too much about the couple’s fate. The pair were spotted together on Monday night at the Last Rite’s Gallery in New York.

Do you think Ice-T was disrespected by the photographs his wife took with another rapper? Do you think she should have apologized for her behavior?

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113 Responses to “Ice-T Disrespected: CoCo Austin Apologizes For Racy Photos”

  1. Alesia Anderson

    That guy disrespected CoCo and even more so Ice, if I was Ice I'd be haveing some words with this unknown so called rapper, never heard of him, and he's ugly.

  2. James Z James

    um AP9 isnt unknown. Maybe to you but he is just as popular of not more than Ice T.

  3. Sheila Ames Le Roy

    Coco, I am so disappointed in you. What were you thinking.. not only disrespecting Ice.. but with that ugly troll, that is almost more embarassing! Better watch out girl.. there are tons of women that would love to take your place with Ice. Better scrub your face and neck, you need to get that AP9 stank off.

  4. Anonymous

    When I was in the Service the first thing they told us, when you go to these country's do not marry one of the strippers or call girls, cause "You can't make a Ho a Housewife", She was doing this when they met, so this is who she is. A leopard can't change their spots.

  5. Elizabeth Edwards

    Sounds like an inconspicuous affair. L-I-V-E Your books with 'Inconspicuous Affairs'. A murder mystery that pits the two intelligence agencies, the CIA and the FBI, against each other as they try to work through the politics of it all and solve the mystery of the death of a French diplomat! Read more at thegreaterbooks. Click on Live Books!

  6. Cooper Townsend

    James Z James
    Who the hell are you to say that Ice is isn't as popular as this wanna be? He is a Movie Star you idiot and rapper! You know nothing about relationships either apparently! What a loser you are…lol

  7. Derek Mats Patrikk Yerardi

    it's NOT the first time pictures of her with A9 have spilled out…yes, she is cheating. simple

  8. Cooper Townsend

    She would be NOTHING WITHOUT ICE! And has a lot of boobs to do what she did disrespecting "The Man Ice!" He gives her everything and honestly I personally think as a man that she should get a breast reduction, just a little taken off the top. Just so fake if you know what I mean? IF I WERE YOU ICE I WOULD MAKE HER PAY FOR HER DISRESPECT TO YOU! Just sayin!

  9. David Hereaux

    She's doing what hoes do. What would anyone expect? She's nasty, get rid of the used to be a man thing and get a real woman. SHEESH!

  10. Jesse Scuderi

    "I want to kill you so bad my dick is hard!" AP9 is going to die New Jack style LOL Ice I love you but I always thought that chich was a Ho bag. You should be with a chick Like Mary J, Or Toni B…Just saying.

  11. Raul Osvaldo Cabrera Jr.

    Coco is the next Anna Nicole Smith…get used to it Ice-T.

  12. Edward Rivera

    Alesia i am going to disagree with you about Ice T needing to have words with AP9,if anything he should be having words with his woman.

  13. Anonymous

    to ice antonio and I are old school and regardless what people you are still the shit. if she's cheating on you get rid of her. they are right you can't turn a hoe into a housewife. If she's not cheating.. then screw what the public says… they are just jealous. from an old schooler to and old school. KEEP IT REAL!

  14. Nicole Fiore

    lol..haven't been less surprised since lance bass announced he was gay…

  15. Michael Kerns

    James Z James This AP9 person might be popular but oit will take another 20 years for him to be half of what Ice T is; and Ap is lucky this was not a few years ago this dude would be is SERIOUS trouble lol anyway She kniows it was wrong Ice was right to be upset she said sorry all done

  16. Anonymous

    Ice can't be upset because he knew she was a hoe when they met and he still allow her to tramp herself out taking all those damn nekkid ass pictures all over the net. Man up, check your hoe and move on Ice and stop whining like a lil beeyotch.

  17. Anonymous

    To the awesomest old school rapper! From Cara and Antonio you are the shit and will always be the shit. No matter how people may down you overlook these idiots. They have no morals or respect. From a woman's prospect women can be devious in their own ways. Don't let your guard down and keep it 100. If she's cheating then let her go. you are what made her who she is today. If she's not cheating then like my husband says screw the public. From and old school chick Keep it 100 and peace out.

  18. Billy Person

    Hello? Ice-T is a household name. Your grandmother knows who Ice-T is. This is honestly the first time I've ever even heard of AP9. What a first impression though. Mackin on Ice-T's wife. Not a good look.

  19. Anonymous

    Where there is smoke there is fire. The pictures are just the start. CoCo be ginnsum on the side from dat black dude in the picture and his friends. Poor Ice-T, time to ditch the cheating whie trash bitch.

  20. Tony Dirtymane Ishmeal

    umm no when your spouse cheats its not on the person they cheat with its on the spouse so he shouldnt have words with the rapper he should have words with her if my girl cheats im not blaming the dude im blaming her because she is suppossed to love me enough not to do that and if not then its not true love because when im in love for real even the hottest chicks look like crap compared to the girl i love thats just the way you feel when you are really in love

  21. Carl D. Pigford

    I do think Coco Austin did disrespect Ice T, for the fact Ice T (her Husband) felt disrespected. I also think, however, they have a mutual form of respect in their marriege to take part in wild and crazy social antics as long as pictures are not made public. I don't think Ice T feels disrespected by the fact that AP.9 is kissing on his Wife, but more so by the fact Coco Austin allowed a public picture to be taken while he was doing it. Either way, I respect both Ice T and Coco Austin for quickly alleviating the situation that occurred.

  22. Karim Mora Liautaud

    Yo Ice-T you need to whip that n**ga's a** and teach him some respect! So next time they'll think twice before messin with a gangsta's woman. Fools get shot for that in L.A. all the time.

  23. Vito Gambino

    dude AP9 is unknown to most people reading this…i mean keep it real with yourself and others…..doesnt make him less of a man or anything but Ice T is known because he is on TV everyday, he's been in movies and he was a rapper….you ave to admit that makes him more famous….

  24. Joanne Roles-hufford

    It's really more IMPORTANT things going on in the world than this petty ass shit.

  25. Ida Muorie

    Heard about this, but when you see the pictures, you are not surprised. Now it takes two to cheat! This was clearly emotional cheating..What up Ice T? Even though this woman was a little out of step with her fashions, she never deviate from looking too over exposed everywhere she went with her husband. But if looks can kill she was really into it. Sorry Ice T…She cheated.

  26. Brian Mcghee

    CoCo didn't marry a 90 year old man. She didnot screw every man on the planet nor is doing drugs and looking like it on TV. ICE T is one of the most smartest buisness rappers in the world. Not like these wannabes. He will deal with CoCo. And it won't be in the bedroom either.

  27. Robert Dungan

    Come on Ice-T: Dump the Ho. You got Flow, Bro, and as we used to say back in the Day, Big Ol', Big Ol' Rhythm. Move on and Move up. This is a blessing in disguise.

  28. Brian Mcghee

    Oh Yeah. Ap whoever his name is better pray ICE doesn't get into his New Jack City mode("I want to shoot you so bad, my DICK is hard!). And if CoCo is cheating on him and he finds out, then is game over on the money for her.

  29. David Foley

    If this was 1989 Ice-T, that ho would get five fingers across the face WITH rings on.

  30. Jamal Munford

    Who cares if he is known or unknow. He disrespected a married woman. He disrespected Ice's marriage. You look a bit young. So I will school you. Grown married folk. Don't conduct they shit in that manner. it's not cool and sure is not condoned behavior for a married woman or man.

  31. William Parker

    ICE TEA from what I see is a good man and wonderful husband! But folks it's up to them what a husband and wife do it's not up to the public to judge! But I must say this the poor taste is definitely Coco's fault but what kind of man knows that woman is married and does that to a pioneer to the rapp game! That man needs some publicity really bad to sink that low man he is desperate! He will definitely reap what he has sown and so will Coco! Brother Ice you still the man! I'm behind whatever you choose to do!

  32. Rita Karson

    Is anyone surprised, she still acts and looks like a stripper…ice-t all that game you talk and rap about, doesn't seem like you really live it…just got played!

  33. Joann Scarnati Raso

    I happen to really admire Ice T and Coco and I think they are down-to-earth and happy in their marriage. I enjoy watching their show. I would hope that this one incident is not allowed to ruin that marriage. Everyone makes stupid choices once in a while and Coco has admitted that and apologized. She is not exactly in the work force as a "librarian" so let's put things in perspective. I wish you both well and think you are both smart enough to get through this quickly. A Fan

  34. Sven Erlandson

    Women are cheating all over the place, nowadays! (Rimes/Cibrian, Coco/IceT, Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora, Petraeus women).

    My latest book, "I Steal Wives: A serial adulterer reveals the REAL reasons more and more 'happily married' women are cheating" is a powerful look at this EXPLOSIVE topic of female infidelity. Research shows its not only on the rise, but rivals or EXCEEDS that of male cheating. And the REAL reasons aren't the typical blather you hear on talk-TV or read in the SECOND-HAND information of some psychologist's self-help book.

    This book is the FIRST BOOK EVER WRITTEN on female infidelity from the FIRST-HAND experience of a serial adulterer, who cheated with the wives/girlfriends of over 25 married men (and a few women), and who also happens to be a therapist (never cheated with clients) and has an eye for patterns in behavior, but more importantly, the core beliefs that drive behavior! The deep and powerful insights of this book will startle women and shock men! And here’s a tip: Cheating always, always, always boils down to the exact same reason at the core: FEAR!

    "I Steal Wives" is a salacious, self-deprecating, at times funny, and penetratingly insightful look into what is now the very cutting-edge of relationships. It's the relationship version of "How to Secure Your House, as told by a professional burglar!" It will forever change how you do relationships and view life!

    Check it out now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble! It's VERY POPULAR! People are loving it and it's selling FAST!

  35. Jay Yenny

    AP9 is widely known? Do You mean he's a co star of one of the most successful franchise television shows? Or did You mean he's a multi platinum seller of rap albums? Maybe you meant to say hes so well known that his career has spanned 30 years of music and acting? Or did u mean that he has his own successful reality television show?

  36. Anonymous

    ice…T..get you a new white girl….should of known that she was gona be white trash one day….pictures tell a thousand things could of happen…and most of all…she is a married woman..why is she in the club getting her groove on with another loser….something isn't right…she say that's all that happen…but I think she did more than just take pics..if I was ICE-T…the back in the day ICE-T…i dump her with the quicknes…get you a knew whore cuz yours is looking for a new pimp……

  37. Theresa Wilson Teem

    You can't turn a Ho into a Housewife… She already walks around looking like a prostitute and he doesn't seem to mind that. I have respect for Ice T and the work he does on SVU and his music back in the day. But don't get mad when she starts acting like she looks.

  38. Barb Thomas

    She was totally aware of what she was doing. The fact that she had a picture taken was blatant. cheap thrills, she's about getting attention, being provocative and showy. Far from innocent. disappointment to me I actually liked her.

  39. Anonymous

    Disgusting. I'm disappointed. I love their show on the E! channel. Ice seems so laid back and cool. She went too far with the pictures. Embarrassed for Ice-T. She should be ashamed of herself. Without Ice, she wouldn't have anything.

  40. William Andrassy

    Your right hos cant be house wives and redneck ones even more so , they always cheat they just cant help it its what country girls are like treat them well and buy them alot they will cheat always.

  41. Anonymous

    Keep ya pimphand strong homie…an don't let yo hoe getoutta pocket on u!

  42. Will E. Pellum

    James, really more popular than Ice T? Ice T goes all the way back to the early 80!

  43. Joanne Gemignani

    I think she is a pig. I was always surprised when I found out he was with her. I guess he likes sluts.

  44. Jamil Alexander

    The other rapper needs to be careful. Not saying that it's going to be the out come but Ice T has no problem getting physical and since he's a real dude, has friends and associates who'll see this and have no problem getting physical for him. Once again not saying that'll be the outcome but as a person you have to know the situation you may even be potentially getting yourself into.

  45. Augustus Howard


  46. Amanda Outlaw

    “Most of the pictures are disrespectful and in bad taste. She’s made me look and feel like sh*t. ‘I say this on Twitter because there’s no way to avoid the obvious misconduct of a married couple.That’s it. Any more questions ask my wife.”.

    Why go on Twitter saying all of this and telling us to ask your wife if we have any more question?
    That's your wife, Ice-T! YOU ASK HER!

  47. Amanda Outlaw

    Yes of course you love them two, but you have to be mindful not to just glorify CoCo's immoral lifestyle that's putting her marriage in Jeopardy. This is the behavior from CoCo I'm talking about here—–people need to be careful about the choices they make. Marriage or not. What goes around comes around.

  48. Jacqueline Kułaga

    Ummm…not for nothing, homeboy used to refer to himself as a pimp, attended pimp ballz, and HE himself disrespected women….before you all start throwing her under the bus, take a look at his record. She is not in the right, but callin' her a hoe when he is just as bad doesn't make it better….

  49. Jacqueline Kułaga

    Wait…you have respect for a man who used to pimp women out and was proud of it??? And now he plays a cop on TV that protects the women that are abused??? Please help me understand the respect here. Also, his most popular song was "Cop Killa"….

  50. Jade Adams

    I love Coco I think they were just clowning around and he was probably hitting on her. Nothing happened the pics just looked like they were flirting. Ice and Coco wont break up over this anyway.

  51. Roz Gordon

    He (ice) needs to calm down: evaluate how he feels, how he wants to handle this and be quiet… My goodness so she embarrassed you and made you feel like it.. Pleaz you will live your pride is hurt, go get some counseliing (U got the money) and if you're going to stay then pleaz shut up! I thought you had made a real change but I guess you can put the OG in tv, but the OG is still really lying dormant inside…. The man in the picture does not repsect himself, so he sho is not going to repect you… My question is… Where n the heck where you at that made yo wife even go where she went…. R u keeping it tight at home…… IJS

  52. Anonymous

    Alesia Anderson TRUE, AP9 maybe known in the west coast but we never heard of that nigga in the dirty boo boo.

  53. Sonja Dantzler

    name calling is disrespectful but that's how you people get down with our people! i'm just saying.

  54. Sonja Dantzler


  55. Linda Sigler Sanders

    Everything I've ever seen or heard from this man has been nothing but total respect for everyone. He is my favorite character on SVU and I enjoy his show – unless she is on it being "stupid." Too often we don't know a good thing when we have it and think rules don't apply to us. She needs to wake up and realize that very few husbands are going to treat her like he does – as a princess.

  56. Sonja Dantzler

    i think ice t is right, he was not there so if any question ask the skank , she was wrong and allowed herself to be put in that situation, she wanted him to know with all them people around even if there was no pic somebody prbly still saw them and we only saw the pic he was all on her and she was enjoying it! she was doing exactly what she wanted to do, with whom she wanted to do it with and it's probaly not the first time you just don't carry on with a stranger like that marryed to a man like ICE T unless you have got all you need to move own and you don't want his ass NO MORE and that would explain her action. trust and believe this is not over a mistake is something you have no controll over , she had complete controll.

  57. Sonja Dantzler

    FLIRTING right she was being the skank she is marry women don't carry on as such thats nasty he needs to tame his HO-USEWIFE

  58. Sonja Dantzler

    I think ice t is right he was not there any question ask the skank, she was doing exactly what she wanted there is no way in the world you gone let a complete stranger be all over you like that she is or have had relation with that man.what he need to do is tame his HO-USEWIFE.

  59. Sheila Ames Le Roy

    S. Dantzler .. My people are all people .. who are your people ???

  60. Amanda Outlaw

    That's true, and the saddest part is, Ice-T be letting her doing what she wanted to do. Now he's mad about those pictures of his wife with another dude kissing on her and now she's sorry for what she did. The worst part is, she did that on purpose by disrespecting herself and Ice-T and the incident that had happened was not an accident. So my advice is this: Don't think that whatever you do in the dark won't exposed to light, because it will!

  61. Ana Luisa Rdz

    What do you expect from a woman who is the definition of fake, just look at her, hair, breast, tan and who knows what else even my pet rock is more real and genuine. Sorry Ice T you asked for it marrying this specimen.

  62. Ty Dgame

    If you marry a hooch,that's what you get. Just like when a female marries a dog. You get what you paid for

  63. Anonymous

    you don't marry groupies/hos/philanderers ect. if they're willing to do it -with- you, they're willing to do it -to- you.

  64. Jason Jackson

    James z James: You are out of your mind if you think this guy is anywhere as well known as Ice. He's a founding father of West Coast Rap, has been making movies for 30 years, and has spent the last decade on on of the most watched tv series of all time…

  65. Anonymous

    Shut up hypocritical fool…You'd do her in a heartbeat and you know it.

  66. Caprise Scott

    a lot of women nowadays are independent and act like there's no rules and they can do what they want to do, even if they're married. not cool.

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