WWE News: Jeff Hardy Reveals His WWE Dream Opponent, Talks About What Keeps Him Clean And Sober

WWE News: Jeff Hardy Reveals His WWE Dream Opponent, Talks About What Keeps Him Clean And Sober

Although The Hardy Boyz are no longer RAW Tag Team Champions, and even if they still cannot use their “Broken Universe” gimmicks in earnest, Matt and Jeff Hardy’s WWE return has been a successful one so far. The multi-titled brothers from Cameron, North Carolina have also gotten their own WWE Network special, Reborn by Fate, where Matt and Jeff sat down with Monday Night RAW color commentator Corey Graves, looked back at their two-plus decades in the world of professional wrestling, but mainly discussed their present status in WWE, and what they look forward to in the future, should their WWE return be a long and fruitful one.

Matt and Jeff Hardy’s WWE return took place on April 2, at WrestleMania 33, as The Hardy Boyz won the RAW Tag Team Championships on their very first night back in the company. And in the nearly three months since then, the brothers have gotten a chance to personally watch today’s breed of WWE Superstars, or work alongside them.

As previously documented by the Inquisitr, Matt Hardy still counts Bray Wyatt among his desired opponents in the WWE; on Reborn by Fate, he also mentioned Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns as present-day Superstars he’d like to face in the ring. Likewise, Jeff Hardy’s WWE dream opponent appears to be the highly-polarizing Reigns, but as he told Corey Graves, he’s got his sights set on competing in his first Hell in a Cell match.

The Hardy Boyz, Jeff and Matt, are nearing their third month since their memorable WWE return at ‘WrestleMania 33’. [Image by WWE]

The titular Hell in a Cell pay-per-view usually takes place in October, and even if Jeff will already be 40-years-old at that time, he stressed that competing in such a steel cage under Hell in a Cell rules is something he hasn’t done in multiple WWE runs.

“My main thing is a Hell In A Cell. I’ve never had one of those matches and whether it’s a tag team Hell In A Cell or a single, I’ve got to do that before I’m done. That’s on my bucket list for sure.”

Jeff Hardy also talked about how his WWE return has seen him clean and sober, and how he hasn’t been feeling the urge to return to drugs and alcohol. According to Wrestling Inc.‘s transcript of the Reborn by Fate interview, Jeff’s main motivating factor for staying drug- and alcohol-free is his new role as a family man.

“Temptation is obsolete to me. I’ve been there, done that, and I was one of the lucky ones. I’ve survived it. I just look forward to going to work and I look forward to going home, man, and seeing my family. In the long run, in the big picture, I’m doing this for them. There’s no temptation to fall victim to addiction ever again.”

As both Matt and Jeff Hardy have WWE dream opponents they’d like to face, one may be wondering how all that could even be possible, even if a lot of the names they mentioned play heroic roles like themselves. That’s why the topic of a potential Hardy Boyz split was among those discussed with Corey Graves in Reborn by Fate.

Matt Hardy personally believes that time will soon come for the brothers to go their separate ways and enjoy singles runs in their WWE return. Rumors of a Hardy Boyz split have been swirling for weeks, and as Matt sees it, such a split should help him in his goal to win a major singles title, something the 42-year-old wasn’t able to achieve in his previous WWE runs.

Would you like Matt and Jeff Hardy’s WWE return to include a Hardy Boyz split at some point down the line? What are your thoughts on Jeff Hardy in particular wanting a match against Roman Reigns as his “dream opponent”?

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