Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a copy of TIME magazine with his likeness on the cover

‘Fake President’: Twitter Reacts To The Fake Time Magazine Covers On Display At Trump Resorts

Critics of President Donald Trump have been having a field day on social media since it was revealed that he had many fake TIME Magazine covers on prominent display at some of his Trump resorts.

A reporter from The Washington Post had recently visited one of Trump’s leisure retreats when he carefully inspected various covers on the walls feature Trump’s visage. It was allegedly the magazine’s iconic red border – these particular ones being much thinner than usual and also lacking a white outline – that blew the lid off the counterfeited covers.

It was also the incorrectly placed headlines that gave it away. Some of them read: “The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash.” and “Trump is hitting on all fronts… even TV!” Even the exclamation marks that were used are not features of legitimate TIME Magazine covers.

One of the covers was dated March 2009, which could not have been possible, as the March 2009 edition featured an image of actress Kate Winslet.

A spokeswoman for TIME Magazine later confirmed that the cover was, in fact, fake, and promptly request President Trump to have them removed from the walls of his resorts.

Before Trump’s meteoric rise in American Politics, the former real estate mogul has only appeared on one TIME Magazine cover before – the January 1989 edition

Of course, critics of Trump were not going to let the moment pass without expressing their dismay at the president’s alleged dishonesty. Especially since Trump has been a fierce vilifier of mainstream media outlets as being, in his view, “fake news” sources.

Some Twitter users accused Trump of being a “narcissist” and “pathological liar.” While others seemingly reveled in the irony of the high-profile “fake news” critic displaying “fake news” at his businesses.

Other users dedicated time to their gloating by creating their own versions of fake TIME Magazine covers featuring Trump, most of them not very flattering.

Meanwhile, the world’s largest fact-checking website, Snopes, has verified the veracity of the claims that the covers are fake and determined that the accusations are true.

“Two of the headlines used in the actual 2 March 2009 issue of Time (“How Stressed Is Your Bank? A Checkup” and “Obama’s Next Move: Can He Curb Health Care Costs?”) appeared on the mocked-up cover, which was spotted on display in Trump resorts in Colorado, Virginia, Ireland, and his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Employees at the Turnberry resort in Scotland also reported that the cover had been displayed there until they took it down because of “grumbling about all the stuff like that up on the walls” by American tourists.”

Snopes added that the bar code used on the forged cover was also fake.

Neither the White House nor Trump has commented on the affair.

[Featured Image by Jason Davis/Getty Images]