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Pregnant Woman Fired For Too Many Bathroom Breaks

April Roller was fired from a call center for taking too many bathroom breaks.

April Roller, like most pregnant women, frequently has to use the restroom. It happens. A lot. But her employer, National Processing of America, fired Roller, citing too many bathroom breaks as reason to get rid of the pregnant woman. Now, Roller is suing the company.

Pregnant women often have to urinate more frequently. At the beginning of pregnancy, increased blood and fluids, plus a range of hormones, make women need to urinate more often. In later pregnancy, the weight of the baby on the woman’s bladder makes it difficult to hold it in. Roller also had the common symptom of “morning sickness.”

In the lawsuit, Roller claims that the call-center she worked for discouraged her for using the restroom so frequently. In order to keep her at her desk, they allegedly gave her a wastebasket to vomit into. Roller also claims that National Processing delayed her family leave paperwork and reprimanded her for wearing the special shoes she needed for her swollen feet.

Roller was eventually demoted. When the company asked her to transfer due to her condition, she refused. The lawsuit states:

“On another occasion, defendant’s manager told plaintiff that defendant did not ‘pay [her] to pee,’ objecting to plaintiff’s necessity to use the bathroom when plaintiff experienced nausea or dizziness due to her pregnancy conditions. Defendant’s manager claimed to plaintiff it was not ‘fair to other employees’ for plaintiff to take excessive bathroom breaks. When plaintiff complained about being told that defendant did not ‘pay [her] to pee,’ defendant characterized plaintiff’s need to take bathroom breaks due to the conditions of her pregnancy as being ‘constantly out of her desk.'”

Roller is suing the company for violations of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Title VII and the Family Medical Leave Act.

Do you think that pregnant women deserve the right to urinate more frequently during the work day?

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67 Responses to “Pregnant Woman Fired For Too Many Bathroom Breaks”

  1. Mary Ennis

    Well what's the alternative? She can't pee on herself. It's bad enough that they made her vomit in front of her coworkers. It's not like it lasts forever.

  2. Jane Beecher

    If a woman has to work and she's pregnant she has to pee…let a man have one baby and there would never be another and sex would decline to not happening!

  3. Alaina Duval

    Yes. She can't help it she has a baby in her uterus and that she can't hold it in very long because of it and just to fire her is rediculous.

  4. Alaina Duval

    Yes. She can't help it she has a baby in her uterus and that she can't hold it in very long because of it and just to fire her is rediculous.

  5. Alicia Fernandez

    This shouldn't be a question. Of course pregnant women need special allowances. It's a temporary situation and should be treated with respect and understanding.

  6. Alicia Fernandez

    This shouldn't be a question. Of course pregnant women need special allowances. It's a temporary situation and should be treated with respect and understanding.

  7. Michelle Marshall

    I've a coworker who is pregnant. One of our district managers has been pregnant twice since I joined the company. Do I feel special considerations need to be taken for pregnant women? YES! They're risking their lives to bring a new one into this ungrateful world. While most will never be able to experience what the body goes through when pregnant, many do know what it's like to be sick (vomiting in the morning) or the consequences of having to "hold it" when you need to use the bathroom (ie kidney or bladder infections). I hope this lady wins this lawsuit. Her employers could very well have put, not only her health at risk, but the health of her unborn child.

  8. Cindi Kueber

    National Processing of America-I hope you lose! You are guilty of a crime and of denying basic human rights to an employee. I hope Ms. Roller gives it to them with both barrels.

  9. Jenni Neugebauer

    I don't even think this should qualify as special treatment for anyone. Every body, pregnant or not, female or male, should have the right to attend to their basic bodily functions. This is most definitely a hostile work environment case, and she deserves to win. Only the worst kind of person would cause that kind of discomfort in others for the sake of being 'in charge'. Disgusting.

  10. Dori Birch

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Being pregnant is not the only condition where people may have to urinate more frequently. This is discrimination against a pregnant woman, and I hope Ms. Roller cleans them out with her suit.

  11. Lisa Flanery

    no matter what sex if you have to pee you shouldn't have to beg to go. you work for them they don't own you. good thing he wasn't my boss would have quit and peed on him on the way out…

  12. Lyndsey Ganger

    I hope she wins her case and I wish men could be pregnant just so the can get a better under standing of what we go threw this guy should be fired and be put behind bars just for being a dumb ass wow

  13. Amy Daniels Gilbert

    Absolutely! She could get an infection from holding it in too long which can also cause other problems as well. Pregnancy only last about 9 mos for most, and should be looked upon as serious, and special needs met made so she can still work, and maintain health as well! Puking in fron of her coworkers, how demeaning, and ride of her employer! How dare they do that to her!

  14. Tara Cooper

    For various reasons, no one should be told how often they can or can not use the restroom! This shouldn't just pertain to pregnant women!!!!

  15. Louise Laxton

    Being pregnant and needing to Pee is bad? BUT abortion is good? God forbid! TOO much control~ especially over women~~ Where do they think they came from? It's God's will for women to have babies~~ GET OVER IT!

  16. Sarah Rauf

    I had basically the same thing happen to me. The company let me go for an unclear reason, then 3months later tried to block my unemployment! Maybe i should have sued…i hope this woman wins and takes that company to the cleaners!

  17. Leslee Brown

    all women should as soon as they know when they will go out on leave file their FMLA paperwork. Once that paperwork is filed the woman is protected.

  18. Rashelle Reid

    Have to say I am saddened by the question and that in this day and age that it even asked to be asked. This is absolutely shocking and a total disgrace. It is time society regained its reverence for the mother and the gift of life. Being pregnant can be the most challenging time in a woman's life depending on her experience. Pregnant women need compassion and understanding, it is challenging enough to go through these changes without being bullied into the bargain! p.s. Have to say although I get your choice of picture IMHO it takes a little something away from the seriousness of this case.

  19. Amy L Anson

    thats bs i know what its like to have to go to the bathroom non stop and to have bladder problems while being pregnant

  20. Amy L Anson

    thats bs i know what its like to have to go to the bathroom non stop and to have bladder problems while being pregnant

  21. Amanda Forrest

    This is why I gave up my job search when I learned I was expecting. I didn't want to deal with the pregnancy discrimination. You should be allowed to use the restroom anytime you need to use the restroom… Pregnant or not… Without question! I hope she wins her case.

  22. Tammy Pelc

    for one thing I wouldn't want to hear or see someone else vomit because then I would. 2nd let him carry a baby and see what its like….what a jerk, arrogant, pompous ***!

  23. Ronald K Hixson

    Hope she get's a large enough of a settlement she never has to return to work! her lawyer should be looking for previous conduct of the same from this employer,
    Hang their A$$ out to dry!

  24. Veneta Britt

    Having had 3 children I agree and I am so glad I did not have small minded jerks like Ms. Roller did for bosses…even when I was not pregnant I had frequent and urgent needs to go to the restroom due to frequent bladder infections…this is cruel and inhumane as well as unhealthy for anone who nwwds to go…I once told a manager she could get me a relief checker within 2 minutes or could replace me for the rest of the day and mop up the mess….I did get my potty break and was not made to wait very long ever again…..And a garbge can for vomitting? not very nice for her or her coworkers unless somsone is going to empty it immediately. (maybe the supervisor…I prefer the term STUPIDVISOR)?

  25. Angela Engle Melton

    Its no different than having a doctors slip for a kidney infection…Sounds like they just wanted to get rid of her and used the bathroom breaks as an excuse…Well we know this company won't last long…

  26. Judy Harris Bauer

    If a person is less productive then less pay. If I am on the phone with a company then that person tells me to hold the phone while they take a pee break then I'll do my business elsewhere.

  27. Lori Schrader

    You know how much I go. LOL I wouldn't stand a chance at that job.

  28. Beuteefulone Lugo

    Ms. Judy(same name as me), I cant believe you said that. You must not have ever been pregnant! I think you' ll survive being put on hold, unless it was a 911 operator.
    If I was the owner, I wouldn't want your selfish business!

  29. Minnie Jone

    Where have humans morals gone, there is no value for human life , pregancy is a normal female condition that man can't change.

  30. Karen Lanning

    There was one case at my old job where a pregnant woman was denied the bathroom for so long she wet her pants and got fired for it

  31. Christine Allen

    She could have been put on disability and not worked at all and got paid! So she comes to work and they discriminate, awesome of them. Don't award the effort and dedication of a person feeling horrible and showing up anyway. This lawsuit is a slam dunk.

  32. Heather Hyden

    It's sad what people try to do when others has special needs.. They have the right to work if they can and yet they do everything under the sun to blackball them.. Quite unfair..

  33. Erin Reyes

    I think we should look this Company National Processing of America up on-line and tell them what a bunch of evil, arrogant, self important, supervisors they have and refuse to do any business with the likes of them. My mother always said if you put shallow people in a position that gives them even a tiny amount of power, they will abuse and miss handle it this is definately the case here. I admire this lady who works through her pregnancy, rather than sit at home. Good for her.

  34. Buddy Smith

    She took the job knowing the requirements and she chose to get pregnant that's why we need the right to work act in all states so women and men not commeted to their job should lose it so someone else can make the money

  35. Shirley Baird

    Would they fire a man who had a condition that required frequent restroom breaks?

  36. Heather Hyden

    Why bother getting it back from those people? If I was her.. I wouldn't want to work there ever again.. When situations like that arise it becomes hostile.. If their bent on firing you and you can come back.. Most likely they will try to make her life miserable to force her to leave..

  37. Mandy Dobbins Harris

    I am absolutely appalled but not surprised assuming the information given is accurate. I hope she gets major compensation for having to work in such an extremely hostile environment. Vomiting in a trashcan next to her coworkers? Astonishingly degrading for her and disgusting for everyone working there. I am glad she did not take such terrible treatment sitting down and has the gumption to sue!

  38. Cristina Morris

    This is just ridiculous. If thia were the case at my job, last year they would have fired 6 of us. We were all pregnant at the same time. Men have no idea. Until you go through it you have no place to criticise.

  39. Bonnie S Kleinsmith

    yes even if they was not having a baby if holding the pee to long can cause infections and that is bad for anyone and it can harm unborn baby as well.

  40. Christina Lui

    I bet if this lady was the Duchess of Cambridge, the boss would let her go to the bathroom anytime she wants. Will Ms. Roller's in the same condition as the Duchess and should be permitted to do the same. Beside, if the boss was nice to Ms. Roller and allowed her to go and do whatever she needed to do at anytime during her work day, just so that she can be comfortable, while she was pregnant. Than after her maternity leave she might remember the boss's kind act and may even work extra hard before she becomes pregnant the next time. Remember an eye for an eye. You treated her poorly and fired her; you need to face the consequences. Duh!

  41. Calandria Breaux

    This company is saying that her pregnancy made unfair advantages that she should not be allowed. WHAT! What about a man with a weak bladder or a someone with irritable bowl syndrome? Is this considered a medical reason to use the bathroom or are they up for firing as well? Are you serious. I know for a fact if I threw up in a trash can (since they provided her with a wastebasket for her morning sickness) I would have a mass collection at the trans can. Not only that but it is disruptive for the other reps to listen to someone throwing up as they try and handle a call. SO NOPE that wouldn't have flown either. And while I'm on my brave heart horse. How dare they hold up papers to assist her with medical or family leave. I mean were they trying to become the news? they succeeded. I am shocked and appalled that a company would be so careless and uncouth in the care of their employees. #Brave hearted horse and rider trotting away with heads high in a snuff#.

  42. Jenny Garnsey

    I have never been pregnant but I've had bladder and kidney infectioins as a child and I remember the embaracement (sp?) of it. I had it as a kid in the 2nd grade and had even been in the hospital for them. My 2nd grade teacher wouldn't allow me to use the restroom during class and I'd have humiliating accidents. It took not only a note but my mom coming to the school to address the issue. My teacher still acted like jerk and rolled her eyes when ever I asked to go. Some people just like being in control of everything you do.

  43. Maybe AB

    I'm thinkin' there must be more to the story than what's presented here.

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