Richard Hammond has given his fans an update, showing off his newly modified electric wheelchair, complete with a unique 'crutch conversion.'

Richard Hammond Update: ‘The Grand Tour’ Host Unveils His Newest EV To Fans, And It Has Six Wheels

Richard Hammond, the Hamster with multiple lives, has recently shown off his newest vehicle to his fans. Fresh off the hospital after undergoing knee surgery after a horrific crash in a Rimac Concept One electric supercar earlier this month, Hammond has appeared in a brief comedic video, showing off his new, revamped electric vehicle — a wheelchair complete with six wheels, crutch scabbards and a “massively improved” ignition. If any, the brief video all but proved that The Grand Tour presenter is well on his way to recovery and should be back filming the car show’s second season soon.

Since updating fans on the medical procedure for his knee, Hammond has pretty much been silent on social media. Even in the DriveTribe website, where the presenter is an active contributor, Hammond has not posted anything new for a while. That is, of course, until yesterday, when the presenter showed off what he creatively called an electric wheelchair with a “homemade twin crutch conversion.” According to the ex-Top Gear presenter, he received the wheelchair after returning home from a Swiss hospital as a thoughtful gift that was salvaged from a farmer’s barn. The presenter assured his fans, however, that his newest EV was “tastefully restored.”

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Hammond, however, stated that the most notable aspect of his new electric vehicle is its twin crutch scabbards, made from a disused drain pipe, that he has fitted on the sides of the wheelchair. According to the presenter, the scabbards prove extremely useful when he is changing from using crutches to using the electric wheelchair.

Needless to say, The Grand Tour presenter was extremely proud of his creative modification, even stating that crutch scabbards should be standard issue in electric wheelchairs. Poking more humor at his reputation for getting into accidents, Hammond further assured his fans that he had a lot of help cutting the drain pipe that was utilized as his electric wheelchair’s crutch holder.

Richard Hammond is currently recovering from a knee injury he suffered earlier this month while filming for the second season of The Grand Tour. The presenter was behind the wheel of a powerful Rimac Concept One supercar when Hammond was unable to make a turn properly, causing the vehicle to topple down a hill.

The crash, which was captured on film and available for viewing here, has managed to shock fellow presenters Jeremy Clarkson and James May, both of whom initially thought that Hammond did not survive the accident. Fortunately, however, the Hamster was able to crawl out of the Rimac Concept One’s wreckage before it burst into flames, enabling him to escape the tragic incident with a busted knee and pretty much nothing else.

If the recently shared video is any indication, however, it appears that Richard Hammond is well on his way towards a full recovery. His sense of humor is definitely still there. Plus, he is already back on the road (-ish), driving yet another EV — just not the kind that can race on a highway.

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