Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters on Dec. 22

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer Dropped, ‘OITNB’ Star Ruby Rose Is The Bellas’ New Rival

The Bellas are back with the first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, which was released on Saturday. The adorable a cappella group reunites after going through struggles of finding themselves after college. The trailer offers a glimpse of what happens in the last installment of the movie series, including life after graduation, the Bellas’ upcoming competition, and their new rival.

The new trailer starts with Anna Kendrick’s Beca being filmed while walking through a crowded street. Elizabeth Banks’ Gail and John Michael Higgins’ John are following the leader of the Barden Bellas with a camera. The duo appears to be updating people with how the group members are doing after their graduation in Pitch Perfect 2.

It was revealed that the Bellas have gone their separate ways, venturing out into the big world with different career paths. For Beca, however, she just lost her job, the nature of which was not revealed in the new trailer.

Chrissie Fit’s Florencia is working as a barista in a school. Brittany Snow, who plays the kind co-leader of the Bellas, is trying out a career in veterinary medicine. She is seen sticking her arm inside a cow’s rear in the first Pitch Perfect 3 trailer.

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And then there’s one of the favorite Bellas — Fat Amy — played by Rebel Wilson, who is now working as a street performer with the stage name Fat Amy Winehouse. While the Barden Bellas get together in a bar, Chloe expresses her desire for the group to sing again. The ladies then discovered that they have an opportunity to perform by joining the USO competition overseas.

At the Pitch Perfect 3 performance, the Bellas realize they have tough competition to deal with, starting with their hottest rival, a rock band playing their own instruments with Ruby Rose’s Calamity as their leader.

Earlier teaser trailers for Pitch Perfect 3 have also revealed some action scenes involving the Bellas. The new trailer offered more of those scenes, including Beca getting thrown out of a flying plane, fighting dudes, and explosion. As expected, there will also be hilarious scenes from Fat Amy.

Ruby Rose is the new rival of the Bellas in Pitch Perfect 3
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As for the cast, Hailee Steinfeld from Pitch Perfect 2 is back, along with Anna Camp, and the original Hana Mae Lee, among others. This time, though, the Trebles, especially leader Skylar Astin, will not be in the movie, as revealed by the actor himself in December 2016.

Check out the first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 below. The final installment hits theaters on December 22.

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