WWE rumors two possible guest stars for WWE appearances

WWE Rumors: Two Possible Guest Stars In Talks For Future WWE Appearances?

There are a couple of WWE rumors floating around regarding two possible guest stars that could appear on WWE programs in the future. Over the years the WWE has brought in all sorts of different guests to their Raw, SmackDown, and pay-per-view shows. These have included everyone from Bob Barker to Grumpy Cat to Snoop Dogg. Comedian and actor Jon Stewart played a pivotal role in a SummerSlam match that cost John Cena a title. While neither of the possible guests mentioned in the latest rumors is really considered a “superstar” yet, depending on one’s favorite sports or music choice, they could be well known.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, one guest is already in talks for an appearance on next week’s episode of Raw in Los Angeles, California. That star is none other than LaVar Ball, the proud father of Lonzo Ball. LaVar’s son Lonzo, a former UCLA player, was the second overall pick in this past week’s NBA Draft and went to the hometown Los Angeles Lakers. Therefore it would only make sense that he would be a relevant guest to appear in the same city. Ball has been known to give outspoken interviews and rants to the media, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him in some sort of segment such as MizTV.

WWE rumors for two possible guest stars to make WWE appearances
LaVar Ball is rumored to be in talks with WWE to appear on an upcoming episode of ‘Raw.’ [Image by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images]

The rumors of LaVar Ball appearing on Raw came due to a live stream that was recorded during NBA Draft night. During the stream, it seems as if LaVar may have been discussing the possibility of appearing on the Monday night wrestling program. Pro Wrestling Sheet noted that a Reddit user picked up on possible comments or talk from Ball about the idea, although it is tough to make out exactly what’s being said.

The other rumored guest is hip-hop star Lil Yachty. He’s been described as a major wrestling fan and recently told TMZ that he took a meeting with WWE not too long ago about making “special appearances” for the wrestling company. The celebrity gossip website caught up with Yachty at LAX airport and he just so happened to be wearing a Hardy Boyz T-shirt at the time, showing just how much of a wrestling fan he is. Yachty mentioned there are probably people who want to see him get beat up, “so why not do it for money?”

The 19-year-old rap star hails from Georgia and is known for his guest appearances on the hit songs “Broccoli” by Dram and “iSpy” by Kyle. His first full-length studio album, Teenage Emotions, just dropped this past May and reached as high as No. 5 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. When asked by TMZ who he would want to team up with, he quickly said “The Hardy Boyz.”

Rapper Lil Yachty says he's met with WWE for possible appearances
Rapper Lil Yachty says he’s met with WWE for possible appearances. [Image by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images]

If Yachty’s prediction comes true, he could follow in the footsteps of another hip-hop star who got “beat up for money.” WWE fans may remember a Raw appearance within the past several years where one Kevin Owens powerbombed Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) on the stage after a musical performance. The segment was part of an ongoing feud involving Owens and John Cena. So whichever tag team is feuding with Matt and Jeff Hardy may get the honors of slamming Lil Yachty after a song.

WWE fans, are you interested in seeing LaVar Ball and Lil Yachty make WWE appearances? What would your booking be for these two stars when they appear on a WWE show?

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