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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For Week Of June 26 Are Loaded With Revenge, Mystery, And Murder

Days of Our Lives fans will see tons of action the week of June 26. Salem residents are gearing up for the party at Eli’s new mansion. Julie is throwing a celebration for the safe return of the islanders and their rescuers. Do you think it all goes that smooth? Spoilers for Days of Our Lives will be revealed. If you want to be surprised, stop reading now.

Eric and Nicole find themselves working together again. Nicole’s court-mandated community service assignment was at the Horton Center with Eric as her supervisor. Days of Our Lives fans can look forward to another visit from Dr. Dan. He comes to Nicole again as she is coming to grips with Holly being in foster care.

Julie invites all of Salem for a joyous celebration in honor of the plane crash victims and their rescuers, John and Marlene. As they all gather, there is danger lurking. Days of Our Lives villain Deimos disguises himself as part of the wait staff. He manages to get Halo into the drinks of all of the party goers except Paul.

The hallucinogenic drug causes some strange things to start happening. Chad and Abigail share a hallucination of wedding vow renewal ceremony. Nicole and Eric share a passionate kiss. So do Eli and Lani. Rafe decides to propose to Hope, who has a very bad reaction to the drug. Gabi, however, has the craziest experience on Days of Our Lives. She finds Deimos stabbed to death.

Detective Raines is very involved in the murder investigation. He quickly declares everyone at the party as a suspect until he investigates further. When he speaks to Lani, she manages to help him narrow it down to one. According to She Knows, JJ becomes the main suspect due to something she said. Marlena will try to help him find the real memories, and sort them from the drug-fueled memories. Can hypnosis help her get the answers JJ so desperately needs?

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Anjelica arrives in Salem. The newest Days of Our Lives villainess is determined to make Adrienne pay for things from their past. Having just survived cancer and a double mastectomy, Adrienne joined Jennifer in buying The Spectator. Anjelica now holds the loan on the business and can demand payment in full or take the business. Adrienne, having been a member of the Kiriakis family, knows how to swing when she has to. And she swings on Anjelica, as Jennifer has to send the two ladies to their separate corners.

Do you think the Days of Our Lives murderer was a guest at the Martin mansion for the party? Could Nicole really be harboring a flame for Eric after all? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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