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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Bash Corinne Olympios: ‘I’d Trust A Dead Dog In The Street Before I Trusted Her’

The Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 cast is back in Mexico this weekend after filming was halted due to a sexual misconduct investigation that involved contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.

E! Online reports that Corinne will not be returning to the show, but ABC has yet to confirm if that’s true. However, whether she’s on or off camera, the girl who sells “Platinum Vagine” T-shirts on Instagram is still one of the most talked about contestants in the history of the show.

And the chatter isn’t just among Paradise fans. Several contestants, from both the present and past seasons, have spoken out about Corinne. And what a few of them have to say is not all that flattering.

Current Bachelor in Paradise contestant Robby Hayes took the high road when it comes to addressing the Corinne situation. Hayes tells Entertainment Tonight he doesn’t think Olympios should be allowed back on the show, but if ABC did invite her back, it wouldn’t deter him from being part of the cast.

Two former Bachelor in Paradise contestants weren’t quite so kind. Chad Johnson and Daniel Maguire, who both appeared on BiP Season 3, didn’t hold back when it came to sharing their opinions about Corinne Olympios.

Chad Daniel Bachelor in Paradise
Chad and Daniel [Image by ABC Television Network]

Chad, who will not appear on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, didn’t waste any time setting the record straight about his relationship with Corinne.

Although rumors circulated online months ago that pointed to the reality stars hooking up, Johnson tells Us Weekly that she’s not his type. And if they were both in Paradise, they would have been friends, that’s all.

“I have a type. It’s not her, ” Chad told Us. “I don’t really like her attitude or look. I thought if I did go on, we would have had some funny banter, but it’s not like we would have come out of that married, you know what I mean?”

Daniel Maguire, who was Chad’s sidekick on Paradise Season 4, was a little harsher on Corinne. During an interview on the Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro (video below), Danielle made it clear that he doesn’t have an ounce of sympathy for Corinne, stating that he’d “trust a dead dog in the street” before he trusted her.

corinne bachelor in paradise
Corinne Olympios [Image by ABC Television Network]

And it’s not just what went down in Paradise that formed his opinion — her actions on Nick’s season of the Bachelor also came into play.

“I don’t feel bad at all for Corinne,” Maguire told Undergaro. “When I was watching Corinne on Nick’s season I was not impressed with her as a person, you know?… but I don’t feel whatsoever sorry for her — whatever has gone to her and whatever is coming her way… she’s got to own up to it and she’s got to learn from her mistakes or from whatever she’s done.”

“I don’t trust her whatsoever. You know, it’s hard to trust people to begin with, but then to trust Corinne? I’d trust a dead dog in the street before I trusted her… Just from watching, from everything I’ve seen on TV now, and then on top of this, and then hearing the fact that she’s the same in person that she is on TV.”

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 premieres August 8 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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