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Driver Pulls Cop Over For Not Wearing Seat Belt [Video]

Driver Pulls Cop Over For Not Wearing Seat Belt

Southgate, MI – Trying to pull over a cop for not wearing a seat belt did not turn out very well for one civilian driver near Detroit. Steve McClain of Southgate made a home video of himself attempting to pull over a Detroit police vehicle. In return, McClain is being charged with reckless driving and may serve 93 days in jail.

According to Fox News, Steve McClain has made it his personal duty to enforce the law on police officers whose sworn duty is supposedly to uphold driving safety regulations. McClain has made a hobby of catching violators. He has a collection of pictures snapped from a McDonald’s parking lot of city officials and police officers he says don’t buckle up. One of which he claims had an accident and then taxpayers paid for months of rehabilitation.

This latest incident occurred when McClain spotted a K-9 Unit vehicle with a police officer not wearing his seat belt.

“When the light turned green, he took off at such a high rate of speed, and I could see it was a K-9 unit,” McClain says. explaining his rationale for the chase. “So I was concerned for the possibility of a dog being inside.”

McClain pulled his truck beside the cops’ vehicle, rolled down his window, and attempted to get him to stop.

“You are required by law to wear a seat belt,” Steven McClain shouts at the police officer, who laughs at him in response. “Put your [bleep] seat belt on. Pull it over!”

What was his plan after he stopped the police officer?

“I just wanted to speak with him, express my concern for the animal’s safety, and I would require him to put a seat belt on,” McClain said. “If he refused, I would call the Southgate Police Department and have them come and ticket him.”

Unfortunately, the police officer did not like that plan. Steven McClain will plead not guilty to reckless driving Tuesday and will face a judge again on December 14. What do you think about this vigilante trying to enforce the law on a cop not wearing a seat belt?

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37 Responses to “Driver Pulls Cop Over For Not Wearing Seat Belt [Video]”

  1. Delores Johnson

    Cops are the WORST offenders! I can't tell you how many times I see cops w/o their seatbelt on AND they are talking on the cell phone WITHOUT a bluetooth which is a very expensive fine here in California.

  2. Matt Byington

    This is the dumbest thing ever. Drivers of emergency vehicles aren't required to wear seat belts. No laws are being broken here. Not saying cops don't abuse their privileges, but I'm glad the idiot chasing the cop got charged. Why? Because he's chasing a cop, not paying attention to the road at all, holding a video camera out his passenger window, obviously driving with one hand and staring out that window at the same time. I'd rather a cop not wear a seat belt than have this moron chasing them down the road not paying attention.

  3. Jeff Swan

    I remember talking to a Retired Ex-Police Chief sitting next to me on a flight. He told me that he took an early retirement because of the corruption and law breaking power that was becoming more evident within his police department He said that he could not take it anymore and wanted to leave. He was a nice, polite old-fashioned cop. He finished by saying that he took, long ago, the police sworn oath and held it to the highest standard!

  4. Anonymous

    a double standard the government feels right to impose on the rest of us. Yet another reason to always limit the expansion of government authority.

  5. Anonymous

    what do you mean they are not required to wear a seat belt? Aren't those the ones at greatest risk? If they don't need to why should we? This is a terrible law to begin with. Seatbelts are a good idea but should not be a requirement. No harm is being done to anyone else. This is because of the insurance lobby. Time for a smaller government.

  6. Jill Cleveland

    This guy has a good idea but his implementation is ridiculous.

  7. Jeannette Barrow Mayclin

    cops are required to obey the laws as citizens do.

  8. Jerilyn Pletsch

    Cops should follow the law too but having said that…I would have taken down the license plate no and made a complaint to the police department he was from if enough did that they would have to do something. I would be concerned with the safety of other people on the road if too many tried to vigilantes.To many things can go wrong when you are not trained in certain situations.

  9. Michelle D Dillon

    I vote for a citizens force against the force! We should come up w our own citizens alliance & be able to enforce such obediance on those who actually took an oath & if they can ticket us they should absolutely face the same penalties they are allowed to impose upon us!

  10. Michelle D Dillon

    Andddddd, wouldn't you know there was an error w the video, no conspiracy here, nor w any other attempts to expose it! This happens only about 70% of the time I go to watch such vids or even read a post…..something always wrong w the link or vid or both!

  11. Eric Ouellette

    I think it's great, police take an oath to uphold the law yet too many of them think they're
    above it I just hope the judge he goes in front of doesn't think he's above the law also.

  12. Connie Hartley

    Didn't know that they were above the law. Police vehicles are not supposed to exceed speed limits unless they are in pursuit. Doesn't stop them from doing it anyway, even if it is illeagel

  13. Michele Mewes

    yes they are required to follow the laws they enforce. I taught at POST for 14 yrs. I agree with the guys reasoning but not his methods

  14. Kathleen Grace

    Law enforcement are exempted from many vehicular restrictions in most states, so are federal agents. The action of police are different from your average driver, and their mobility in the car and on the road gives them a lot more latitude than the rest of us. I don't mind, I'm kind of in favor of the idea that a cop can run red lights and not wear seatbelts if that means seconds gained in getting to someone who needs help.

  15. Christi IgotItall Sparks

    they play on their laptop, speeding, and I see them hit their lights, go thru a red light then turn them off all the time. but we kno better than to try this for this very reason. there's a huge double standard and more officer are out to make their "quota" than uphold the law or serve and protect. we should all have the balls to do this!

  16. Candace Pink

    We all know that the same laws do not apply to the ''dops'' who ticket us each and every day for the same things they do…each and every day! No use fighting it…they will do as they please as long as '''we''' let them get away with it! This citizen had every right to stop this officer on a citizens arrest….but the ''cop'' turned it all around to make hiumself look good!

  17. Lisa MacKenzie

    Who can break a law, then also enforce it, but be just doing it? It makes no sense and is contributing to the current situation of our country. They often times are NOT in pursuit or on the way to aid a citizen. Cell phones, computers etc. are rapidly becoming illegal to operate in a vehicle because they CAN and DO CAUSE dangerous accidents. Cops are not above this. They don't pay attention any better than any other person doing this in their car and obviously cause accidents too. Laws are supposed to be equal for all, not involve one person but not another because of a position that they hold. The laws are very out of balance and are not preventing the "entitled" mind frame that has people thinking they are above the law or do not have to follow these laws because they think they are above another and do not have to. I am all for the ambulance that has to break an intersection with sirens to get a person to hospital, but as far as the cops who speed/run lights to show up on the scene of a crime isn't equal or the same (giving them the benefit of the doubt knowing that a lot of them run lights and speed just because they can with no particular place to go). Ask a person from Philly, PA if a cop hurried to the scene as someone lays dead for hours on the street with no immediate response where they ran lights or sped. I am sorry people can only see the law from a point of view that is sheltered or one sided. Open your eyes people. They are not only protecting and serving but breaking laws because they think they are "ENTITLED TO". This is why our country is in such disarray. We have a bunch of folks making laws and running the country that do not think they have to abide by the same rules/laws we do. Then there are folks like Kathleen Grace or Matt Byington (cop in training) below that support this insanity. Maybe if someone you loved was killed and lay dead in the street or if you had ever waited longer than a half an hour/hour for a cop to show up after your home was broken into, if you would be saying how you like cops breaking the law but still not protecting and serving? All you know is your sheltered life, so please wake the hell up for all our sake. Things may be perfect for you in your secure white life but there is a real world where the rest of us live.

  18. Lisa MacKenzie

    WE ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW THE LAW. Tell me how not wearing a seatbelt saves a cops life? You are in training to be a cop and so I can see why you have such a problem with cops being held to the same values as the rest of us do. You, like others seek out these situations for the POWER. Just another reason why things in our country are not working.

  19. Lisa MacKenzie

    Not likely as the courts operate the same way the law enforcement does. If you have the money or power you can buy your way outta a lot.

  20. John Alexander

    If the officer had shot him, he would have been fired for use of excessive force.

  21. Lisa MacKenzie

    Stating the obvious did not help your comment's validity. No one is exempt from following the law. How can one enforce a law that they themselves don't follow? That makes no sense at all. They pick and choose what or who is important to them. So many suffer because they don't speed and run lights to the aid of the people. There are so many that don't get the aid or are they rescued because a cop breaks a law. And once again, this article was about seat belts. How on earth does a cop avoid injury when they are not wearing their seat belts? How does a person follow a law when they see people in power positions not doing the same. What's good for you is good for me. Get with it.

  22. Jessica Singleton

    I say good for you Steve! I have a huge respect for our officers, but do agree they abuse their position entirely too often! Speeding, running red lights etc. it is ridiculous & needs to be stopped!

  23. Paula Merriman White

    Actually officers are exempt from this provision (at least in NY they are). It is to hard to get that seat belt on and off around their utility belts holstering every thing. They also my have to get out of that car on a hurry and if you need help quickly do you really want to wait while an officer undoes his seatbelt, especially if you snag the belt in a piece of your equipment and you may be in real trouble.

  24. Linda Baker Wilmot

    I knew a cop that would get off work, go home and shower, have a couple beers, get in his car with 3 more beers so he could drink on the way to the store.

  25. Paula Merriman White

    I can tell you right now…. there is NO quota. And it is crazy to think that officers are simply out there to be rude, arrest and ticket people. Officers may be a little brisk when you refuse an order but they have to be, they have to go home to their family every night and it is not through lolly coddeling perps.

  26. Joan Wilcox

    I was just told by three police officers that they have to obey the same laws as we do or they can be in trouble also.

  27. Christi IgotItall Sparks

    u must be a cop or know one. saying their jus doin their job is a cop out (no pun intented) when ur in a public service position, it cant just be a job. we are our experiences, maybe u havent experience this type of abuse, but in my experiences, 9times out of 10, they were rude(for no reason) arrested me(for no reason) and ticketed, ticketed and ticketed me FOR NO REASON!!! ive never "refused an order" FOR YOUR INFO, NOT EVERY CIVILIAN IS A PERP!!!!!

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