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‘Shameless’ Season 8 Cast Spoiler: Steve Howey Gives First Look At New Liam Gallagher

As the Inquisitr reported a couple weeks ago, there will be a slight change to the Shameless Season 8 cast. Namely, it was learned that Brenden and Brandon Sims (better known as the Sims twins) would not be returning to play the role of Liam Gallagher. While their mother did go on to reveal on Instagram that the role had been recast to a different actor, she didn’t give any other details away.

Warning: The following may contain spoilers if you haven’t watched Season 7.

Naturally, the minds of Shameless fans began to run wild. Did this mean the show would experience a time jump or had there been some other reason why the role of Liam Gallagher was recast? For the most part, fans agree recasting the role because of a time jump in the plot line makes the most sense.

Carl Gallagher was currently attending military school and had only taken a leave from the school because his mother had passed away. The time jump would make sense as it would allow Carl to finish military school and return to be at home with his family. The other reason the time jump makes sense is it would allow Debbie’s daughter to be a little older in the series as well.

It is, however, important to keep in mind that Showtime has not released any information to confirm the recast or the time jump as of yet. This is nothing more than fan theories based on pictures and information popping up on social media.

According to Hidden Remote, Steve Howey – who plays the role of Kevin – may have just given fans their very first look at the new Liam Gallagher. In honor of National Selfie Day, Howey shared a picture on Twitter featuring him and a number of members of the Shameless cast including Veronica, Fiona, Ian, Lip, Carl, and little Liam.

In the photo, the boy assumed to be Liam can clearly be seen wearing Liam’s school outfit. There’s also the fact that Steve Howey hashtagged Liam in the description of the picture.

They'll be 7 tomorrow ????????????????????

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Are you excited to finally get a look at who is playing the role of Liam Gallagher? Does he really look that much older than the Sims twins? Do you think a time jump is going to happen? Sound off in the comment’s down below!

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