Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra pose for an Instagram photo

Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Blasted For Children’s Clothing Line, Tierra Reign

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom OG have decided to go on a new venture: making a children’s clothing line. Their new range, entitled Tierra Reign, a play on their surname and their daughter, Novalee Reign’s middle name, has had several unique pieces to it handmade by a woman from their local area.

And while the pair are working hard to make their clothing line a success, and even have aspirations to use its earnings to open up a house for underage teenage mothers who find themselves homeless, they’ve still faced their share of criticism for the looks.

They were blasted for creating looks that users felt were too mature for the children they were designed for. One of the tops that was most criticized was one that features a young girl in a tank top with a choker, which fans thought was not age appropriate for the little girl. When Tyler Baltierra posted the same photo on his personal Instagram account, fans were still not pleased, and in some cases, the comments were even worse.

He and Catelynn Lowell were accused of sexualizing children with the tank top, her wearing a choker, the top being too low and the fact that she isn’t smiling in the photo.

Tyler has since taken down the photos of the tank top on his Instagram, and simply left it up on Catelynn Lowell and his business account.

Although Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra don’t always take the time to respond to criticism, Tyler explained that they didn’t have a size to fit the model in the photo made yet, as everything is still in the beginning stages. The person who styled the shoot did not clip the shirt in the back to make it sit right, which made it look as though the shirt was a little bit too revealing.

Tyler later shared a photo of his daughter, Novalee Reign, wearing the same tank top in the correct size to show that the shirt is not at all sexual.

I usually don't respond to any comments or reactions from social media…BUT I felt the need to do so regarding the @tierrareign Lace Tank. Emma (the cute little model I used) was actually almost 2 sizes too small for the tank! We realized the day of the photo shoot & the production of her size was not completed yet, so we didn't have one to swap it out (or we would have) That is the reason it appears to be more "low cut" in the first image I posted. We also bought a whole bunch of accessories for the shoot & let the kids decide on what they wanted to wear. Emma liked the choker necklace lol! Anyway…here is the tank on Novalee at the appropriate size. I know not everyone will like our style & that's totally okay! But I wanted you guys to know that I am paying attention & appreciate all the feedback…good or bad, it helps the business grow in the right direction. So thank you! ???????????????????? #ReignOverYourDreams #TierraReign #HandmadeInUSA

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra hope to turn over enough of a profit to create an organization called The Carly House, in honor of the daughter they gave up for adoption when they were teenagers. Her parents have yet to respond to the request.

[Featured Image by Tyler Baltierra/Instagram]